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Gphoto2html[..]/gphoto2html/ 2007x
Gphoto2html to prosta, oparta o GTK aplikacja generująca zestaw stron WWW razem z miniaturami ze zbioru cyfrowych lub zeskanowanych zdjęć.
tof[..]3361.0.0.html 1115x
Tof is a Web-based photo album. It is based on slooze, and additionally has viewing rights, picture rating and sorting by rate, indexing with keywords, picture upload through the Web, thumbnail creation, and multiple languages support. It is being developed with PostgreSQL, but should be easy to port to MySQL thanks to phplib.
photon project 1217x
Photon is a tool to manage images with a HTML slides viewer. This tool creates HTML indexes that contain one or several thumbnails and links for browsing images. It can also create thumbnail images and Web images. You can also add one comment for each image in your picture-book.
SuperAlbum 667x
SuperAlbum is a Java-based digital photo album creation and deployment tool. It features a Viewer that can be customized and extended. Photo albums can easily be deployed onto the Web using only two files. It automatically resizes all images, packages them up, and prepares them for deployment.
qgallery 2712x
qgallery is a small commandline program that will process JPEG images and specially-named files in some directory structure to form a static HTML image gallery suitable for publishing to the Web or burning to CD.
yappa-ng[..]main_eng.html 1273x
Yappa-ng is an easy to use online PHP photo gallery. It has a comfortable and elaborate album-oriented photo album administration Web interface.
fotoalbum[..]fotoalbum.htm 1121x
Fotoalbum is a digital photograph/image management tool and viewer.
PhpWebGallery[..]phpwebgallery 1047x
PhpWebGallery is an image gallery with a very simple installation interface and administration panel.
MyPhotoAlbum[..]myphotoalbum/ 1161x
MyPhotoAlbum is a simple, small, easy to use web photo album. It allows the user to create albums/categories and upload pictures with titles and comments. The title and comments are stored in files. No database server is needed. MyPhotoAlbum uses CSS for its web formatting to have maximum control over its look and feel.
HTMLAlbum[..]ications.html 1106x
HTMLAlbum produces HTML Photo albums from image files. It stores information about the album in an XML file so that you can change the order of the photos, add new images, change the captions, titles, and so on.
jpgind[..]k/jpgind.html 1003x
Jpgind is a command-line tool for generating static Web galleries from JPEG/Exif files.
TFT Gallery 1163x
TFT Gallery is a PHP-based Web gallery which doesn't need a database.
jsgal 1035x
Jsgal is a javascript based web gallery that dynamically build galleries.
Ansel[..]ojects/ansel/ 1152x
Ansel is a picture gallery for web sites.
image-list.php[..]elistphp.html 850x
image-list.php is a drop-in enhancement of Apache's Fancy Indexing (mod_autoindex) that displays image thumbnails for any GIF, JPEG, and PNG images (that are under 500KB) in a directory. It lists files alphabetically, with directories first. It can be set to page listings if the images exceed a certain number of entries. It was originally developed to catalog directories of digital camera photos.
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1. Pacman linux
Download: 2752x
2. FreeBSD
Download: 6807x
3. PCLinuxOS-2010
Download: 6266x
4. alcolix
Download: 8463x
5. Onebase Linux
Download: 7259x
6. Novell Linux Desktop
Download: 0x
7. KateOS
Download: 3906x

1. VFU File Manager
Download: 1511x
2. LeftHand Mała Księgowość
Download: 5128x
3. MISU pyFotoResize
Download: 831x
4. Lefthand CRM
Download: 1762x
5. MetadataExtractor
Download: 0x
6. RCP100
Download: 1219x
7. Predaj softveru
Download: 0x
8. MSH Free Autoresponder
Download: 0x
9. Guitar Scale Expert
Download: 1292x
10. Jinja24Doc
Download: 0x
11. Čistič
Download: 1390x
12. BASH History Suggest Box
Download: 5839x
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