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explainBot[..]lainBot.phtml 527x
ExplainBot to bot IRC. Jego jedynym zastosowaniem jest umożliwianie użytkownikom kanału szukania/zapisywania/zmieniania informacji w bazie danych bezpośrednio z kanału IRC.
SimpleAIM 527x
SimpleAIM is a miniature console-based AIM client written in pure Java. It implements the TOC protocol and provides a solid framework for understanding and writing your own IM clients or bots.
Open Proxy Scanning Bot[..]dex.php?id=40 526x
open proxy scanning bot to ładowalny moduł dla NeoStats IRC Services. Skanuje klientów podłączonych do sieci IRC w poszukiwaniu tych używających niebezpiecznych proxy.
Pink[..]tux/pink.html 525x
Pink to bot IRC, który posiada wiele standardowych funkcji bota (nick-links, greets, wyszukiwarka google) ale także trochę interesujących możliwości.
Ghoti IRC Client 522x
Ghoti is a GUI-based IRC Client for unix/linux, written in Perl, and distributed under the GPL. It has an uncanny similarity to mIRC. Features include: # Multi-server support # Fully customisable GUI # DCC Resume support # Support for mIRC colours # Robust CTCP flood protection # Built in XDCC/CDCC file offering # On-event sounds (if you really must) .. and lots of other little things like bad-word kicking, url caching, on-connect commands, support for machines with multiple external interfaces, filtering of /away message
Epona 521x
Epona to zestaw usług (services) dla IRC, które działają z serwerami IRC Bahamut, Ultimate oraz Unreal. Wprowadza oryginalną usługę (BotServ), która pozwala użytkownikom na posiadanie bota na ich kanale, przyjazne użytkownikowi zarządzanie nickami za pomocą grup oraz detektor proxy.
BBForums[..]pub/bbforums/ 482x
A Web forum server.
A platform-independant chat system.
ITROM LiveStaff 0x
ITROM Live Staff allows a live interaction between the visitors of your website and your operators. Features include Real-time Live Chats, Operator Offline Leave a Message, Displays Your Domain name or logo, Use on multiple web sites, Multiple Operators, Operator Screen, Live WebCam, Music, Visitor Online Voice Sound Alert, Visitor want to Chat Voice Sound Alert, Visitor Offline Voice Sound Alert, Admin Log in Sound Alert, Change Operators, Invite visitors to chat, Send Email to Visitors, Push URL, Visitor Traffic Monitor, View Chat History, View Visitors Profile, Add your own logo, add your own LiveStaff buttons and more!
savirc 0x
User friendly IRC client with unicode support and tcl/tk scripting
Kiax 0x
IAX client for VoIP calls to Asterisk servers. Can be used as linux client for VoIPBuster to free landline calls to over 22 countries.
UnrealIRCd 0x
UnrealIRCd is an IRC daemon with full SSL support and Trojan protection.
u5me 0x
U5Me enables you to create your movable live chat button in any forums, blogs, auction sites, jobs search sites(or resumes), and your own site. Any Internet users can chat with you by visiting your u5me url: . Anyone can chat with you instantly or leave you a message after reading your messages or articles posted anywhere in Internet. You will have a movable live chat button in Internet communities. It is an easy way for messaging and interactive self-promotion tool. It is also a convenient IM solution. If you have a Windows Live Messenger account but your friends don't. Now you can tell them:"Reach me at " You can use U5me for the following Usage Scenarios: 1.Let forum users chat with you immediately after they read your posts. 2. Let your blog readers chat with you in real time. 3. Enable a live chat function in auction sites to commnicate with your potential buyers or bidders. 4.Make a simple live chat button on your online business web site. 5. Leave your live chat url in your resume (in MS Word format or on job search sites), so that potential employers can chat with you immediately. 6. If your friends are using a different Instant Messenger tool rather than yours, they can still chat with you. 7. If your friends travel out of town, they can chat with you in a Internet cafe or hotel with browser, no need to set up their IM account. 8. If you just need chat with a stranger online once and don't want to reveal your IM account, try U5ME!
Akeni Instant Messaging IM - Pro 0x
Akeni Instant Messaging - Pro is a client/server instant messaging platform that allows companies to host their own secured private IM system. The client has an user interface similar to AIM, ICQ, or MSN Messenger. It supports all the standard IM features such as chat, group conference, presence management, file transfer, offline messages and emergency alert/notification. Extra features include contact management and optional tabbed chat sessions. The server has advanced administration tools for managing user accounts, client-side logging capabilities and peer-to-peer file transfers. Akeni Pro Messenger can be setup on a private network without connecting to the internet and can easily be setup for use inside and outside the company firewall.
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