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KSnuffle[..]ksnuffle.html 3525x
KSnuffle is a network packet sniffer for KDE. Features include: * Network packet filtering (aka tcpdump(8)) * Start and stop event triggers * Packet detail and graphic displays * Local and remote interface sniffing * Recording and replay * Execute commands on events * Access to protocol information * Access to TCP/IP stream data * Support for use by selected non-root users * Multiple concurrent sniffers * Parallel display of multiple load histograms * Dynamically loaded plugins * End-to-end traffic summary * Total traffic summary * DNS lookups * TCP/IP stream state * Execution by selected non-root useds
PEERD[..]rd/index.html 3255x
PEERD provides a minimalistic, lightweight, easily configurable, but quite flexible mechanism for monitoring services or conditions.
MagicStat 2879x
MagicStats is a modular log analysis program that can be used to monitor a web site's performance.
TightVNC 2873x
TightVNC is a VNC distribution with many new features, improvements, and bugfixes over VNC. It is optimized for faster operation on slow network links such as modem connections, provides more configuration options in the server, features automatic SSH tunneling in the Unix vncviewer, and more. The modified servers and viewers are fully compatible with the original VNC software.
nwload[..]re/index.html 2792x
Graphical traffic monitor.
TMon[..]-1.noarch.rpm 2645x
TMon is a room temperature monitoring system. It is used in conjuction with a digital multimeter that is connected to a serial.
Firewall Log Daemon 2643x
Firewall Log Daemon to napisany w C program, który obserwuje alerty w logach ipchains i iptables w czasie rzeczywistym. Potrafi kolejkować alarmy i przesyłać je do ciebie. Może też być uruchamiany z poziomu skryptu w celu przejrzenia istniejącego pliku z logami lub strumienia danych.
kpowersave[..]ts/powersave/ 2590x
Provides battery,temperature,ac,cpufreq (SpeedStep,Powernow!) control and monitoring. APM and ACPI machines are supported equally. For laptops as well as for workstations.
httpdstats[..]g/httpdstats/ 2577x
httpdstats is a perl script that generates a statistical summary of the contents of an Apache access log.
HardInfo[..]dro/hardinfo/ 2487x
HardInfo is a small application that displays information about your hardware and operating system. Currently it knows about PCI, ISA PnP, USB, IDE, SCSI, Serial and parallel port devices. It's written in C and uses the GTK+ library (both GTK+ 1.2 and GTK+ 2).
Smart Array Tools[..]~hugo/compaq/ 2457x
Smart Array Tools are a small tools to get some information from a SmartArray controller. It gives you an overview of all logical and physical drives, including basic information on sizes etc.
autopackage 1981x
autopackage is a package manager for Linux that is intended to sort out RPM hell by making it much easier to create distribution-neutral packages that can be downloaded and run, a la InstallShield. It has several advantages over both the RPM approach and the Windows installer-stub system. Although the packages are "smart" and can adapt to the computer on which they are installing, there is minimal overhead involved on the package itself. Using autopackage, you can create .package files and link them to the autopackage network for easy installation using a distributed apt-style system. These packages also have many other powerful features not found in other systems.
DigiTemp 1980x
DigiTemp jest prostą aplikacją odczytującą temperaturę z półprzewodnikowych cyfrowych sensorów temperatury Dallas 1-Wire DS1820. Do komunikacji używa portu szeregowego.
Ant Shell 1966x
Ant Shell jest projektem rozszerzającym Apache Ant. Dostarcza on tryb linii poleceń do zarządzania zadaniami Apache Ant.
Fantulence[..]s/fantulence/ 1851x
Fantulence to programowy demon, który uzywa urządzeń do monitorowania sprzętu dostępnych pod Linuksem 2.4 (I2C i lm-sensors). Jego celem jest minimalizowanie hałasu wentylatorów z jednoczesnym utrzymywaniem temperatury sprzętu na możliwie niskim poziomie.
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7. MetadataExtractor
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9. Predaj softveru
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10. MSH Free Autoresponder
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11. Guitar Scale Expert
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12. Jinja24Doc
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