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Mobility 3790x
MOBILITY is a simulation game which requires you to construct a city in a virtual world, bring it to life and control the associated traffic volume. Both your own mobility and that of your city's inhabitants are the central issues you will need to address.
GtkPool 3504x
GTKPool is a 2D pool game using the GTK+ toolkit. It should run on Unix and Linux variants. It currently supports playing 8-ball, 9-ball and Rotation as well as a "No Rules" option for practice/just messing around. It supports many options and has configurable physics so you can do almost anything.
PoopMUp 3482x
You're a bird trying to poop on people and cars in the city. You are playing the role of a bird. Your mission is to poop on the heads of people and on cars in a city, while avoiding the many dangers of the city. Depending on who or what you poop on, you get varying points. You can feed on fries that float in the air above the city, some of which will help and some of which will hurt you.
Ultimate Stunts[..]age=0&lang=en 3322x
The purpose of this project is to make a UNIX/Linux remake of the famous DOS-game "stunts".
xNeoterics 3281x
xNeoterics to symulator sztucznego życia z zaimplementowanymi mechanizmami ewolucji.
GL 117 3137x
GL-117 is an OpenGL- and SDL-based action flight simulator written in C++. It provides a random terrain generator, lighting effects, sounds, and joystick support.
Eat The Whistle 3122x
Eat the Whistle is a multi-platform, portable 2D soccer game with many options.
arty[..]ty/index.html 3064x
Arty is an artillery simulation game. It is currently in the infancy of its development. Arty takes advantage of OpenGL and the X Window System.
OpenBVE 2971x
PlanetPenguin Racer[..]cer/index.php 2838x
PlanetPenguin Racer is an OpenGL racing game featuring Tux, the Linux mascot. The goal of the game is to slide down a snow- and ice-covered mountain as quickly as possible. It is based on the GPL version of TuxRacer.
Dopewars 2675x
Dopewars to gra napisana na podstawie "Drug Wars" Johna Dell'a. Gra polega na sprzedawaniu dragow po ulicach Nowego Jorku i zarobieniu fortuny. Gra posiada mozliwosc grania przez siec :)
GRacer 2606x
3D Motor Sports Simulator Gracer is a 3D motor sports simulator. It's state of the art physical simulation engine creates very realistic behavior including drift, wheel spin, and even accel turn.
Virtual Jay Peak[..]jay_peak.html 2070x
Virtual Jay Peak is a simulation of snowboarding at the Jay Peak resort in Vermont. The terrain is based on geological survey data of the mountain and surrounding area, with the addition of signature trails and buildings. The software is based on the extreme backcountry snowboarding game Soul Ride.
ysflightrealism 2060x
Realism package for YS Flightsim. Complete download of latest binary (4.06), superb 3rd party models, realism mods. 181 Aircraft and growing. Missions included. Eras from 1939-2006 Realistic sound package upgrade. (but a no sound bug exists in linux binary). Help the linux version excel!
Stoned 1806x
A 3D curling simulation. Play curling on you local PC, alone or against another player, even over the network. stoned is client-server software.
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1. Pacman linux
Download: 2798x
2. FreeBSD
Download: 6851x
3. PCLinuxOS-2010
Download: 6310x
4. alcolix
Download: 8499x
5. Onebase Linux
Download: 7307x
6. Novell Linux Desktop
Download: 0x
7. KateOS
Download: 3949x

1. LinPacker
Download: 6392x
2. VFU File Manager
Download: 1548x
3. LeftHand Mała Księgowość
Download: 5165x
4. MISU pyFotoResize
Download: 869x
5. Lefthand CRM
Download: 1797x
6. MetadataExtractor
Download: 0x
7. RCP100
Download: 1253x
8. Predaj softveru
Download: 0x
9. MSH Free Autoresponder
Download: 0x
10. Guitar Scale Expert
Download: 1325x
11. Jinja24Doc
Download: 0x
12. Čistič
Download: 1422x
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