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Eternal Lands 1.1.2 2017x
Fighting: You can fight monsters and other players, hunt animals, or join with a group of friends and take them on together! Harvest & Manufacture: Mine ores that you turn into bars of iron, steel, titanium and make various armor and weapons. Or pick flowers and herbs that you mix together to create potions or magical essences. Summoning & Magic: Summon an animal or monster to follow and fight for you! Or Become a Mage and cast deadly spells on opponents, or heal your companions. Roleplay with friends! There's always someone new to talk to, global or private channels, guilds to join, places to explore, all with an easy to use chat interface. Eternal Lands has no fixed classes or professions, so you can always do new things and develop new skills without having to create a new character!
CircleMUD 1929x
CircleMUD is a multi-user dungeon game system (MUD) that is freeware.
Koala Complete Mud Server[..]cts/koalamud/ 1609x
Koala Complete Mud Server a highly-distributed IP6/IP4 MUD server. It allows for very large game worlds to be distributed between multiple machines in a manner transparent to players.
MUDAid 1569x
MUDAid is a graphical MUD client written with the GNOME libraries.
gtinyfugue 1541x
gtinyfugue is implements a graphical wrapper around the terminal MUD client tinyfugue. Programming will be done using C via GTK aiming for the Gnome2 platform
lyntin 1540x
lyntin is an extensible Mud client and framework for the creation of autonomous agents, or bots.
Calypso MUD 1484x
Calypso MUD a MUD (multi-user dungeon), codebase written by Patrik Opacic
Deadlock Dungeons 1448x
Deadlock Dungeons is a small MUD using Scheme as a MUD OS language.
A Small MUD[..]ll/index.html 1422x
A Small MUD is a minimal mud implementation, with some mildly intelligent mobs running around creating rooms.
AweMUD 1406x
Avemud is a MUD server for use with fantasy-settings. Features include skill based character development, completely interactive rooms
Valkin II 1359x
Valkin II, an isometric 3D role playing game.
Ryzom 1226x
Lgc 1130x
Small RPG game. With simple graphics.
Worldforge::Cyphesis[..]vers/cyphesis 604x
AI/ALife server used by the WorldForge project. The name Cyphesis come from two concepts, Genesis (greek world creation) and hacking effort (Cypher-thingy). Initially intended to be an Open Source medieval role playing game, it has now become the Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life server for the WorldForge project, and will be used as the game server for the WorldForge Acorn effort.
OpenTTD 0x
OpenTTD jest wiernym klonem gry Transport Tycoon Delux napisanym w SDL-u.
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1. Pacman linux
Download: 2948x
2. FreeBSD
Download: 6978x
3. PCLinuxOS-2010
Download: 6467x
4. alcolix
Download: 8618x
5. Onebase Linux
Download: 7459x
6. Novell Linux Desktop
Download: 0x
7. KateOS
Download: 4064x

1. spkg
Download: 1626x
2. LinPacker
Download: 6589x
3. VFU File Manager
Download: 1665x
4. LeftHand Mała Księgowość
Download: 5274x
5. MISU pyFotoResize
Download: 966x
6. Lefthand CRM
Download: 1890x
7. MetadataExtractor
Download: 0x
8. RCP100
Download: 1351x
9. Predaj softveru
Download: 0x
10. MSH Free Autoresponder
Download: 0x
11. Guitar Scale Expert
Download: 1427x
12. Jinja24Doc
Download: 0x
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