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Mosaics[..]/mosaics.html 2630x
The idea behind the mosaic plug-in is to transform any image into something that looks as though it were created by positioning a number of tiling elements, each of constant color and an approximate size.
Diffusion filter 2544x
This 'script-fu' fakes a diffusion filter. After running the script-fu, edit the intensity mask with a brush.
draw-polygon[..]w-poligon.htm 2174x
Draw all regular polygonos. Input: center, radius, number segment.
asc2dvd[..]load3226.html 2142x
Creates Bmp files to DVD Subtitle Compatible Bitmap for use as a Croma containing the Subtitle from a Simple Text File who contains lines named by his trigger time. The file format is : HH:MM:SS:CC Line of subtitle at this time The files will contain The Line and will be named "HHMMSSCC.bmp" This script don't support multiple lines per bmp.
CMYK Plugin for The GIMP[..]eparate.shtml 2016x
CMYK GIMP plugin umożliwia separację RGB -> CMYK wewnątrz GIMPa, z użyciem littlecms do zarządzania kolorami oraz pozwala na zapisanie rezultatu jako CMYK TIFF.
Ellipse[..]plugin_e.html 1988x
It makes a nice :-) ellipse/circle effect. It looks a little like the linse effekt, but I think its a bit difference. Simple try it and look.
Voronoi[..]gins/voronoi/ 1754x
Voronoi generates 2D Voronoi diagrams of various semi-random sets of points (either disturbed square, hexagonal or triangualar grid, or almost totally random) and knows some nice ways how to color them. What are Voronoi diagrams Imagine a finite set of points in some metric space (or just just normal n-dimensional space, if you don't know much about metric spaces). If you now take any point of the space, there definitely exists a point of the set which is closest to this point. This way the set breaks the space to parts, (called cells below) each consisting of points nearest to a one point of the set. This division is what is called Voronoi diagram of the set (roughly).
GIMP IFF plugin 1705x
GIMP IFF plugin umożliwia wczytywanie i zapisywanie obrazów w formacie .iff/.lbm.
Border: Internal[..]html#internal 1703x
The Border:Internal plugin adds a plain border to an image. The border is added inside the bounds of the image, on a separate layer. Size, color, and feathering are adjustable.
Splitter[..]splitter.html 1638x
The Splitter plug-in can be used to split a picture according to a mathematical formula into two layers, translate and/or rotate the layers and optionally merge them back into one picture.
Tileably Shrink[..]eably-shrink/ 1514x
Tileably Shrink makes images tileable by reducing their size.It works best for images already nearly tileable.
Photo:Lomo[..]p/index.shtml 1447x
The Photo:Lomo plugin alters a photograph to make it look like it was taken with a Lomo Kompakt Automat (LC-A) camera. There are several adjustments that can be used to fine-tune the effect. A single Undo command will reverse the operation.
TexturePaint[..]/texpaint.htm 1431x
TexturePaint to plugin dla Gimpa, który wyświetla model Quake I/II w oknie OpenGL i pokazuje pokryty teksturami model. Można modyfikować obraz tekstury w GIMPie i oglądać rezultat w oknie 3D. Można także rysować w widoku 3D, a TexturePaint automatycznie wyliczy teksturę.
color-wb-balance[..]b-balance.scm 1417x
This script corrects shade or hue by changing white and black balance.
batchgimp[..]/Basic_Batch/ 1413x
batchgimp to procesor batch do renderowania obrazów. Używa interfejsu linii poleceń oraz obsługuje formaty JPEG, GIF, PNG i PSD.
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