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Egg Chess[..]html#eggchess 641x
an interesting variation on tic-tac-toe
DROD 641x
Grab your sword and start chopping your way to the bottom of a vast dungeon! Learning how to play is simple--you move Beethro in one of eight directions or rotate his sword. You can wait as long as you like before moving, and logical problem-solving is paramount, but the game still has a sense of action as you lay waste to hordes of nasties. When you finish exploring (ha!), you can also build your own dungeons with the new level editor.
EasySok 641x
EasySok to klon gry Sokoban przeznaczony dla KDE.
WebChess 641x
WebChess to aplikacja pozwalająca grać w szachy napisana w PHP/Mysql.
Gigsaw[..]jects/gigsaw/ 640x
Gigsaw to krzyżówki pod Gnome.
Quack 638x
Quack game is a polished tetris clone featuring nice graphics, music and sound. With so many tetris clones, why choose Quack? That's easy - a cute little duck watches you play and quacks whenever you clear a line.
E.T. GAME 634x
Connect Five[..]s/connectfive 633x
Connect Five is a 3D game of gomoku. It is similar to Connect Four, but the board is 19x19 and play is allowed anywhere on the board.
XBlockOut[..]/xbl/xbl.html 633x
3D version of Tetris.
Martian Memory[..]martian&game= 633x
Martian Memory is a simple memomy game oriented to kids featuring the Pachi el marciano's world characters. The goal of the game is to pick-up 2 identical chips from a board that contains 32.
Polygon Puzzle[..]/Linux/games/ 618x
Polygon Puzzle is a tessellation puzzle inspired by Beat The Computer. Pieces of connecting regular polygons are rearranged to fit into predefined trays. The mathematical names of the shapes are polyhexes, polyominoes, and polyiamonds.
xpexeso 616x
xpexeso is a game with pictures for the X Window System. xpexeso emulates the classical game PEXESO, which is widely played by children.
Triptych 579x
You must maneuver and rotate blocks as they fall so that three or more of the same color touch each other; this will make them disappear. As blocks are destroyed, adjacent blocks will move independently and blocks will fall from above to fill the empty spaces. Unlike other similar puzzle games, the blocks obey the laws of physics.
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