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Anjuta 17707x
Anjuta is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C and C++ on GNU/Linux. It has been written for GTK/GNOME and features a number of advanced programming facilities. These include project management, application wizards, an on-board interactive debugger, and a powerful source editor with source browsing and syntax highlighting.
wxHatch 16859x
wxHatch to IDE dla Linuksa, Solarisa i Windows, zbudowane z użyciem wxWindows i dla jego użytkowników. Generuje Makefile, posiada edytor z podświetlaniem składni, edytuje menu, dodaje dialogi wxWindows i wycinki kodu oraz posiada autotext.
Titano 13099x
Titano to IDE dla GNOME. Możliwości: * Obsługa zarządzania projektem z automake/autoconf. * Obsługa różnych języków. * Komponenty edytora Bonobo. * Zintegrowany debugger. * Narzędzia do eksploracji kodu.
Kylix 10312x
Development environment for Borland Delphi/C++ for Linux and Windows. Open version is free.
Trac 7903x
Trac is a minimalistic web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system. It provides an interface to the Subversion revision control systems, an integrated wiki, flexible issue tracking and convenient report facilities. Trac allows wiki markup in issue descriptions and commit messages, creating links and useful structure between bugs, tasks, changesets, files and wiki pages. A timeline view presents all project events in chronological order, making tracking progress or getting an overview of a project easy.
Symphony Developer Edition 6839x
Platform Symphony is the fastest High Performance Computing (HPC) service-oriented middleware solution that enables developers to quickly achieve application performance objectives through a single, high-level programming paradigm for multi-core and multi-node environments. Now available as a free download with no node count restrictions and no time limits, Platform Symphony Developer Edition (DE) provides developers with powerful HPC tools to build and deploy service-oriented applications that can be used without restriction in commercial environments. With comprehensive and easy to follow coding examples, and access to a fully staffed support forum ( ), developers can create high-performance application services or grid-enable existing applications in the language of their choice in record time.
Geany 4544x
Geany is a small and fast editor with basic features of an integrated development environment. Some features: - syntax highlighting - code completion, call tips - folding - many supported filetypes like C, Java, PHP, HTML, Bash - symbol/tag lists
UMLet 4541x
UMLet is a lightweight Java tool for rapidly drawing UML diagrams, with a focus on a sound and pop-up-free user interface.
Forest Web Application Builder 4501x
Forest is a Web-based Integrated Development Environment for Web applications. It's in the alpha stage, but you can use it to create your XML files already.
NetBeans IDE 4421x
NetBeans IDE, the full-featured integrated environment for Java Developers and NetBeans Platform, the widely adopted infrastructure backplane for complex desktop applications.
KDevelop 4411x
IDE for C/C++ development on KDE environment, including all features as e.g. syntax highlighting, cvs suppor etc. Primarily for development of Qt/KDE applications
Eclipse 3912x
Eclipse is a kind of universal tool platform - an open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular.
gambas 3474x
Gambas is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, like Visual Basic (but it is NOT a clone !). With Gambas, you can quickly design your program GUI, access MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, pilot KDE applications with DCOP, translate your program into many languages, create network applications easily, browse the Web with KHTML, and so on..
RealmForge GDK[..]mforge/files/ 3270x
A cross-platform 3D game development framework and toolkit written in Mono/C#
BlueJ 3212x
BlueJ is an integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching.
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4. LeftHand Mała Księgowość
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5. MISU pyFotoResize
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6. Lefthand CRM
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9. Predaj softveru
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