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python-gtkhtml[..]-gtkhtml.html 1558x
python-gtkhtml is a dynamic object module to access the GtkHTML widget from Python. It is intended to integrate well with pygtk, so that all usual GTK features can be used.
bbfinger[..]t/delta/8993/ 2641x
bbfinger displays the current users in a tiny X11-decorated window. It supports commandline options to set/unset transparency, foreground color, border size, display, and position. It can also be configured through a configuration file.
Sofk 973x
It is based now on Serenity theme. Idea is to do smuth theme with not too mach gradients= light and nice ;). It theme may look good with dark colors, too.
phpBlamework 1953x
phpBlamework is light php framework. It has resources to create modules with menus, views and forms. It's usable for simple web pages as well as content management or portal solutions. I test it on php4 and php5, on apache 1.3 via mod_php, on apache 2.0 via mod_php and cgi and on minihttpd via cgi.
Honzova knihovna 2285x
First alfa version of very small cross platform (X and MS Windows) C++ gui library. Not usefull yet except of writing very simple program.
Ultimate++ 1885x
Ultimate++ is a C++ cross-platform (Linux, Windows) rapid application development suite. It includes a set of libraries (GUI, SQL, etc..), and an integrated development environment.
Pyui 1272x
PyUI is a user interface library written entirely in the high-level language Python. It has a modular implementation that allows the drawing and event input to be performed by pluggable "renderers".
PyQt 1404x
PyQt is a comprehensive set of Python bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit.
Python Font Downloader 1115x
PyFD is a cross-platform Python application using the wxPython toolkit. Its main task is send files, fonts, and snippets to a networked printer using LPR and Appsocket technologies.
Pmw 1253x
Pmw is a toolkit for building high-level compound widgets in Python using the Tkinter module. It consists of a set of base classes and a library of flexible and extensible megawidgets built on this foundation.
gladepyc[..]gladepyc.html 1124x
gladepyc generates a Python module from a Glade XML GUI description which builds the corresponding GTK+ interface by using the _gtk module of the PyGTK binding.
FXPy 1365x
FXPy is a Python extension module which provides an interface to the FOX cross-platform GUI library.
fd2python[..]software.html 986x
fd2python creates a Python interface to the Xforms graphics library. It uses SWIG 1.3 to construct the interface specification.
SimpleKDE 3541x
SimpleKDE aims to be a lightweight, clean, and user-friendly fork of the KDE desktop environment. KDE is often criticized as being too bloated, and SimpleKDE is meant to be a response to this.
PyNcurses 1344x
PyNcurses is an ncurses binding for Python that also includes bindings for libpanel, libmenu, and libform.
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8. RCP100
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9. Predaj softveru
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11. Guitar Scale Expert
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12. Jinja24Doc
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