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Libradio 1428x
Libradio - Small C library that provides a simple interface to control FM tuner cards.
libgaudio[..]ct/libgaudio/ 1075x
libgaudio is a C/C++ library to facilitate easy incorporation of sound and sound effects into games.
PowerTab[..]ts/ptabtools/ 1176x
PowerTab Tools contains a library for accessing PowerTab Tablature files (*.ptb) and utilities for converting .ptb files to ASCII and GNU LilyPond files.
PyZOE 1028x
ZOE (formerly OGLE) is a simple OpenGL graphics engine written entirely in Python.
PyTVGrab 1216x
PyTVGrab is an XMLTV library and tv_grabbers written in Python.
PyFX 926x
PyFX is as framework for writing and using real-time shader-based graphical effects. It is written in Python using Cg and OpenGL.
pm2v 931x
PM2V is a library for parallel encoding of a video sequence in MPEG II.
libgphoto[..]j/libgphoto2/ 1148x
libgphoto2 is a user space library which provides applications with camera independent access to almost 300 digital cameras. It contains more than 30 drivers.
libmpeg2 1560x
libmpeg2 is a library for decoding MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video streams. Its main goals are standards conformance, speed, portability, and reuseability. The package also includes mpeg2dec, a small test program for libmpeg2.
libmikmod 1019x
libmikmod is a portable sound library, which used to be packaged with the MikMod module player, but is now released independentely. It is capable of playing samples as well as module files, using the OSS driver for output, as well as Alsa and EsounD.
Audio Input-Output Library[..]jects/libaio/ 1109x
A portable sound architecture abstraction.
Audio::Xmpcr 894x
Audio::Xmpcr is a Perl API to the XM PCR Satellite radio. It offers two different operating modes (direct and remote+daemon) via a single interface.
XviD 28909x
XviD is a high-quality ISO MPEG-4 compliant video codec.
GStreamer-plugins 1606x
Gstreamer-plugins - Plugins for the GStreamer multimedia framework. GStreamer-plugins contains plugins suplying the GStreamer framework with support for various media formats, including Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora, Speex, FLAC, SWF, MP3 and so on.
SkySOUND[..]tuo/skysound/ 978x
The SkySOUND library is mainly a stream-oriented audio library, to allow you enhance your programs, games or demos (especially demos in fact) with high-quality sounds.
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