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Gibbon 0x
Gibbon is a graphical frontend for FIBS, the First Internet Backgammon Server. The client is platform independent and known to compile and run under Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
Chess Walk 0x
Chess for mobile OS Android, it is possible to play online on FICS, tha largest chess server, or offline against a chess engine with difficulty setting.
3D Python OpenGL Chess Game[..]yopenglchess/ 1326x
3D Python OpenGL Chess Game is a normal chess game that has no computer player (yet).
304 card game[..]ects/card304/ 0x
304 is a very popular card game in Northern parts of Sri Lanka. card304 is a software version of the game.
SchafKopf 651x
Schafkopf is a popular Bavarian card game. This is a KDE version of it.
Tofuhunt 537x
Tofuhunt is a "whats wrong with this picture?" game. Two pictures come up and you are to find the differences or a tofu in the pictures. You can also make your own pictures.
OpenChess for PalmOS[..]almopenchess/ 608x
An Open Chess game, under the GNU GPL, for the PalmOS platform. It will consist in an adaptation of GNU Chess, for the Palm platform.
Connect 4 game[..]s/integrate4/ 617x
This is famaus Connect 4 game in console without any graphic for Win32 and Linux. I think source codes may be useful for C/C++ beginners.
Darwersi[..]ier/darwersi/ 504x
Darwersi is a new strong othello game implementation. The GUI is made of POV-raytraced pictures mixed with two spoons of Tcll-Tk . Darwersi's AI is the result of genetic algorithms ditributed on virtual clusters (hundreds of CPUs).
XSudoky 624x
XSudoky is software written in C which allows you to play different sudoku puzzles in Linux X11. Logical methods, Do & UnDo, Postscript print and more. Language English, Italian.
Little polish 0x
Little polish is program written by Piotr Beling which plays Brazilian (classics, 8x8 with international rules) draughts. Main features: * strong AI (using fast, bitbase move generator and alpha-beta pruning) * game analysis tools (game tree viewer) * small executable size * freeware license
GtkAtlantic 2343x
PyTraffic[..]rs/pytraffic/ 899x
PyTraffic is a Python version of the board game Rush Hour created by Binary Arts Coporation.
Py Connect Four[..]rojects/pyc4/ 1034x
Py Connect Four is an implementation of the classic, two-player, Connect Four game. Each player has a color, either black or red, and they take turns putting their pieces in. The first player with four pieces in a row at any angle wins the round.
OCTI[..]php?page=octi 1074x
OCTI is a strategic board game
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