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pdnsd[..]mbouts/pdnsd/ 1365x
rjobs[..]rojects/rjobs 1410x
The Periodic Remote Job Agent rjobs automatically sets up a PPP connection to another workstation and exchanges scripts containing job requests for the local and remote workstations.
gpppwrap[..]cts/gpppwrap/ 3106x
gpppwrap is a graphical user interface to conveniently select a phone number and dial into your ISP.
EthGraph[..]a1.rar/333688 1243x
EthGraph is a graphical network device traffic monitor based on Qt.
diald-scrooge[..]diald-scrooge 1045x
Diald-scrooge optimizes your diald up costs by analyzing your real ip-traffic. It seperates traffic into different types and then defines the best kept link time for each type to avoid you paying unnecessary costs for idle call time.
Evarp[..]itoring/Evarp 1184x
Evarp is a program for monitoring network traffic that uses the ARP protocol.
Smit[..]pId_2051.html 2071x
Smit is an ARP-level transproxy/sniffer, capable of relaying local traffic even in switched environment.
KSubnet[..]ects/ksubnet/ 2055x
KSubnet is a small KDE tool that calculates subnet addresses. It handles subnet addresses, masks, and IP ranges.
iptotal[..]ects/iptotal/ 1344x
iptotal is an *extremly* simple network monitor tool that measures the number of IP packages traveling to/from a specific network interface.
ipsectrace[..]s/ipsectrace/ 1116x
Ipsectrace is a simple utility designed to profile the ipsec traffic (esp and ah) in a pcap capture file. It is somewhat inspired by tcptrace.
RRDmonitor[..]1.noarch.html 1293x
RRDmonitor is designed to monitor a Linux system with rrdtools. It automatically generates RRDtool graphs from your CPU, memory, swap, users logged, traffic.
Ethernet Traffic Counter[..]ts/trafcount/ 1611x
Ethernet Traffic Counter is a loadable kernel module that provides you the option to measure the total amount of bandwidth consumed by each of your users.
Tcl/Tk PPP Interface Control Panel[..]krp3/releases 1727x
Tkrp3 is a re-implementation of the Rp3 program supplied as part of the redhat-config-network. It uses the standard X11 resource DB.
PPPKit[..]pppkit/home/1 1785x
pppkit is a Perl script that generates PPP scripts. It has been tested on RedHat Linux and Slackware Linux.
Dobs[..]bs-0.2.tar.gz 1150x
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