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ChessX 0x
ChessX is a chess database tool. It is based on Qt, written on C++. Fairly new competitor in the market with bright future.
Honzovy šachy pro Android 0x
A simple chess program for Android.
PyChess 2332x
PyChess is a gnome-inspired chessclient written in python. Licensed under the free GPL license The goal of PyChess, is to provide a fully featured, nice looking, easy to use chess client for the gnome-desktop. The client should be usable both to those totally new to chess, those who want to take a game here and there, and those who wants to use the computer to further enhance their play. Features * CECP and UCI Engine support * Free online play on the FICS chess servers * Read and writes the PGN, EPD and FEN chess fileformats * Builtin python based engine * Undo and pause functions. * Board and piece animation * Drag and drop * Tabbed interface * Hints and spyarrows * Openingbook sidepanel using sqlite * Scoreplot sidepanel * "Enter game" in pgn dialog * Internationalised or figure pieces in notation * Optional sounds * Legal move highlighting * A nice and accesible look
Toga II 0x
Toga II is a chess program, derivative of Fruit created by Thomas Gaksch. It has more chess knowledge and perhaps a better search algorithm. It is based on Fruit 2.1 and is free.
José 0x
Chess enviroment, database, Works with protocol UCI and XBoard.
Tonic 0x
Tonic is interface for playing online chess. Free Internet Chess Server ( is supported. Tonic is based on Jin's source code. It extends Jin with multiple consoles, channels manager and some other features.
Shredder 0x
Very strong chess engine. I comes with its own enviroment in java.
pythonchess[..]/pychess.html 1233x
pythonchess is a small program for playing chess against the computer.
Python chess module 1146x
pyos-chess (Python chess module) does not know how to play chess, but does understand the rules enough that it can watch moves and verify that they are correct.
Checkers Challenge[..]nux/checkers/ 1262x
All users of Linux now have a new great game - Challenge Checkers! The game is a wonderful training for you logic force and strategy skills. You play with your device or with your partner, getting more and more experience on several skill levels. Enjoy also great graphics and sound - endless pleasure for devoted chess player of any age. A real challenge for all checkers masters
NuclearChess[..]astle-combat/ 1196x
VCBoard 2188x
A GPL-ed "non-intelligent" chess program (without an own integrated chess engine) that enables users to play chess via a LAN or the internet as well as enter, store, load and view games.
Chess Training Tools 3423x
Chess Training Tools is a collection of chess training tools.
JSChess 1753x
The JSChess is JavaScript Chess. It completely real time, java-or-activex-less, platform independent version of chess.
Tiffanys 5620x
Tiffanys is a Java written chess engine for the XBoard/WinBoard client.
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