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boxes 7121x
boxes can draw all kinds of boxes around its input text, ranging from a C comment box to complex ASCII art. These boxes may also be removed, even if they have been badly damaged by editing of the text inside. Since boxes may be open on any side, boxes can also be used to create regional comments in any programming language. With the help of an editor macro or mapping, damaged boxes can easily be repaired. New box designs of all sorts can easily be added and shared by appending to a free format configuration file.
le editor[..]cts/leeditor/ 2627x
LE has many block operations with stream and rectangular blocks, can edit both unix and dos style files (LF/CRLF), is binary clean, has hex mode, can edit text with multi-byte character encoding, has full undo/redo, has tunable syntax highlighting.
editkit[..]jects/editkit 675x
Editkit is a small and modular text editor, written in C, which extends Terry Loveall's lightweight editX project.
Elvis[..]b.274296.html 667x
Elvis is a clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor. Elvis supports nearly all of the vi/ex commands, in both visual mode and ex mode. Elvis provides support for multiple files, multiple windows, a variety of display modes including "hex" and "html", on-line help, WYSIWYG printing, and other miscellaneous extensions.
mule[..]lay/MULE/Home 739x
mule is a multilingual text editor supporting Japanese, Chinese (trad. and simpl.), Korean, Latin1-5, Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Ethiopic, IPA.
FIGlet 1326x
FIGlet is a program for making large ASCII letters out of ordinary text. It supports a variety of fonts.
pdfasm 2302x
pdfsam is an open source tool (GPL license) designed to handle pdf files. It requiers a Java Virtual Machine 1.4.2 or higher and it’s released in 2 versions, basic and enhanced. pdfsam basic: A simple tool designed to split and merge pdf files. With it’s simple and intuitive interface you can: split your pdf documents (into chapters, single pages, etc.). merge many pdf documents or subsections of them. extract sections of your document into a single pdf document. mix alternate pages taken from two pdf documents in straight or reverse order into a single document. save and load your environment to automatize your recurrent jobs. manage pdfsam settings and set an environment to load at start up.
Estraier 664x
Estraier is a full-text search system for personal use.
vlna[..]/Welcome.html 953x
gedit 761x
gedit is a UTF-8 text editor for the GNOME Desktop. It is designed to be simple, light, and fast, but its plugin system can give you incredible power as well.
TeXlipse 1146x
The TeXlipse plugin for Eclipse provides support for LaTeX projects. It is primarily aimed at users who already know the basics about LaTeX, newbies will surely find it useful but also a steeper learning curve.
texi2latex 1933x
texi2latex is a program that converts Texinfo files to the LaTeX format. It is a full implementation of the Texinfo file format.
TeX++[..]/kp229/tex++/ 1027x
A modern and free C++ implementation of TeX based on CommonTeX. TeX++ has the following new features (compared to Knuth's original TeX): Command-line settings for page geometry, Standard Unix behaviour for input/output, Removal of old-fashioned terminal i/o, Complexity reduction.
Seminar[..]ions/Seminar/ 1006x
Seminar is a LaTeX package to make slides, with a lot of flexibility and functionalities
latex4jed[..]/support/jed/ 931x
An S-Lang file for the Jed editor which provides a greatly enhanced LaTeX mode, similar to AUC TeX. It features menus, shortcuts, templates, syntax highlighting, document outlines, integrated debugging, symbol completion, full integration with external programs, and more
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