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spkg 1665x
The unofficial Slackware Linux package manager. spkg is implemented in C and optimized for speed.
BASH History Suggest Box 6315x
BASH history suggest box is a command line utility which brings improved BASH command completion from the history. It aims to make completion easier to use and more efficient than Ctrl-r.
knas 362x
Infoc 0x
Infoc was designed to gather maximum amount of information about operating system. This tool is based on PERL language and user interface is based on Curses library.
HIDPoint - Linux USB keyboard/mice software 0x
HIDPoint - Linux software for USB keyboards/Mice. HIDPoint currently supports for Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Suse , Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora. The software currently supports for only Logitech Keybaords/mice. For more information visit and mailing list
hdparm[..]jects/hdparm/ 823x
hdparm is a Linux shell utility for viewing and manipulating various IDE drive and driver parameters. Most drives can benefit from improved performance using a command similar to "hdparm -qm8 -qu1 -qc1 -qd1 /dev/hda".
KDE USB hotplug[..]content=17080 1269x
Hotpluging for USB mass storage devices in KDE. It does not depend on HAL or DBUS. The program is currently experimental, but it works on my macheene.
closefd[..]pId_2481.html 1298x
closefd closes a selected file opened by any given process.
Kouvert[..]i/kouvert/0.2 1149x
Kouvert is a graphical fstab file editor. It can manage a variety of filesystems with explicits options.
SVGATextMode[..]svgatextmode/ 777x
SVGATextMode uses extra features on SVGA cards to enhance Linux textmodes. It allows setting of the pixel clock, H/V timings, font size, cursor size, etc.
sdd[..]d-1.52.tar.gz 558x
sdd is a replacement for a program called 'dd'. sdd is much faster than dd in cases where input block size (ibs) is not equal to the output block size (obs).
Yoke Linux Kernel Driver[..]xkerneldriver 875x
The Yoke driver provides transparant mirroring between disk partitions and other block devices (such as loop and nbd). It differs from the kernel RAID0 facility in that it is a virtual device with no interface of its own.
Gnome System Monitor[..]stem-monitor/ 664x
Gnome System Monitor is a GNOME process viewer and system monitor with a nice easy-to-use interface.
hc-cron[..]ects/hc-cron/ 668x
hc-cron is a cron daemon for 'home computers'. It runs specified jobs at periodic intervals and will remember the time when it was shut down and catch up jobs that have occurred during down time when it is started again.
Linux Mylex RAID Controller User Interface[..]ects/mylexui/ 602x
Linux Mylex RAID Controller User Interface is a pair of programs (one GUI, one CLI) that interface with the DAC960 RAID Driver under Linux.
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Download: 1665x
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Download: 6631x
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