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spam fighter 0x
an anti spam tool
rblfilter[..]re/rblfilter/ 689x
rblfilter is a simple tool which can be used to identify mail from RBL-listed sources. You configure it with a list of hosts on which you receive mail, and it extracts the sender's IP address from the "Received:" headers. It is useful when you have no control over the SMTP listener which receives your mail - e.g. at your ISP.
Yosi's Anti-Spam POP3 fIlter bot 1289x
yaspi (Yosi's Anti-Spam POP3 fIlter bot) is a POP3 mail-scanner specifically made to combat mail bombings caused by viruses (i.e. Swen). It connects to the POP3 server, inspects the messages, and deletes the infected ones without ever downloading them.
Web Filter[..]unix/webfilt/ 1088x
webfilt is not a spam filter, but provides a generic web-based interface for Bayesian-style Unix filters that need occasional training and corrections. It has been tested with SpamProbe and SpamBayes, but should work with other command line filters too.
SpamFirewall[..]spamfirewall/ 985x
SpamFirewall is a mail server filter script that automatically blocks mail servers that send too much spam.
spamstats 1410x
Spamstats is a Perl script that analyses spamassassin+mailer logs in order to extract useful informations about spam traffic.
smtpfilter[..]filter.c.html 2525x
smtpfilter is a filter for an SMTP session which passes the session through transparently in real time, except for the DATA command which is intercepted in order to scan the data for spam and/or viruses with the scanner of your choice.
IMAP Spam Begone 1010x
IMAP Spam Begone is a script that scans an IMAP inbox for spam using SpamAssassin, moving any found to another folder.
Sendmail Confirmation System 1203x
Sendmail Confirmation System (SMC) is an Sendmail milter plugin that is designed to significantly reduce the amount of junk email you receive. It uses dynamic local and DNS-based remote whitelists, blacklists, and an original auto-confirmation system for unknown but legitimate senders.
spamdeliver[..]/spamdeliver/ 1163x
spamdeliver is a cyrus-imapd delivery agent that filters email messages thru SpamAssassin. If the message is marked as spam, it will be delivered into "INBOX/spam" mailbox, which can be later reviewed by users.
Smtpblock 1025x
Smtpblock is a tool that parses your UNIX mail log. When new mail messages are detected, it performs DNSBL/SMTP relay tests. If the host is listed in a DNSBL or relays third-party mail, Smtpblock creates a firewall rule to block access to the localhost's SMTP port.
RBL Spam Daemon 1096x
rblsd is a small, fast, SpamAssassin-compatible spam filter. It filters messages by performing a series of RBL lookups on the path of the message.
parp[..]mputing/parp/ 1150x
parp is a powerful, extensible e-mail filter with sophisticated anti-spam capabilities. It's designed as a complete replacement for procmail, is MIME-aware, and acts as a filter, daemon, or on mailboxes.
Microbrew MicroSieve[..]ducts/usieve/ 1039x
Microbrew MicroSieve is designed to be a high speed spam filter for USENET news. It checks for duplicate and large articles, spambots, and binaries in non-binary groups.
clamfilter[..]s/clamfilter/ 2624x
Clamfilter is a small, secure, and very efficient content filter for Postfix designed for filtering messages efficiently through the clamd daemon.
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