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LiMpOo 0x
Multimedia Player, CD-Audio MP3 with support of CDDB ID3 tag, IR remote and LCD display. We now use mysql with LiMpOo 2.0 to manage MP3 list. A php frontend could be used to manage catalog, playlist and configuration.
Linux Media Player[..]a-Player.html 32700x
Mp3 player for Linux with ID3 tag editor and database and Playlist capabilities. Now is Skinable.
mmSAP 1747x
mmSAP is SAP (Slight atari player) player based on ASAP library that uses ALSA for audio output and has GTK+ 3.0 based GUI. SAP is a special file format that is used to store POKEY-based Atari XL/XE music. Features: - Based on ASAP library that provides precise and high fidelity POKEY emulation - Easy to use GTK+ 3.0 based user interface - Fully featured playlist - Configurable POKEY visualization - Good support for ASMA STIL database - Four repeat modes - Seeking inside subsongs that have TIME tag - Possibility to mute selected POKEY channels
Traymp[..]layers/Traymp 1086x
Traymp is a fully functional system tray interface for MPD.
Yet Another CD Player[..]ts/yacdplayer 1579x
YACD Player is an ncurses-based CD player.
CD Changer[..]ts/cdchanger/ 1391x
CD Changer is a Jukebox changer application that works on any changer drive under Linux that follows the uniform CDROM driver interface (almost all do).
Kmailcvt[..]KmailCvt.html 846x
KmailCvt - Imports Outlook Express 4 and 5 to kmail and also does MS Exchange Personal Addressbook format.
Zgsmplay[..]cts/zgsmplay/ 656x
Zgsmplay is a curses-based real-time GSM file player with file selector.
Ramp Music Player[..]c-Player.html 739x
Ramp Music Player - Console front-end to mpg123 with enhanced playlist capabilities.
NCXmms[..]jects/ncxmms/ 924x
NCXmms is an XMMS frontend based on ncurses.
Mod4Xwin[..]/all/mod4xwin 717x
Modplayer based on mod4win.
Kmikmod 127x
Kmikmod - KDE module player based on mikmod.
Cdjukebox[..]djukebox.html 176x
Cdjukebox is linux only multi-drive CD player.
pibs 0x
The Personal Internet Broadcasting Script (PIBS) is a PHP/Apache frontend to create dynamic mp3 playlists and broadcast them with litestream. It can be used to manage playlists for a LAN in an office or to manage your Internet mp3 radio station.
psgplay[..]ware/psgplay/ 727x
PSG Player is a program for playing all those old atari tunes without the need for an actual atari to play them.
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