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batchgimp[..]/Basic_Batch/ 1413x
batchgimp is a batch processor for rendering of images. It uses a command-line interface, and supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, and PSD file formats.
Screen Shot[..]/screshot.htm 3210x
This plug-in uses the X-utility xwd to grab an image from the screen and the xwd-plug-in to load this image into the gimp.
asc2dvd[..]load3226.html 2142x
Creates Bmp files to DVD Subtitle Compatible Bitmap for use as a Croma containing the Subtitle from a Simple Text File who contains lines named by his trigger time. The file format is : HH:MM:SS:CC Line of subtitle at this time The files will contain The Line and will be named "HHMMSSCC.bmp" This script don't support multiple lines per bmp.
TexturePaint[..]/texpaint.htm 1431x
TexturePaint is a Gimp plugin which displays a Quake I/II model in an OpenGL window and shows a texture image mapped on the model. You can modify the texture image with GIMP and view the result in the 3D window. You can also paint in the 3D view and TexturePaint calculates the texture for you.
TextureOps[..]h/TextureOps/ 1241x
TextureOps is a set of plug-ins for the GIMP related to texture.
GIMP Text Colorer[..]/plugins.html 1167x
GIMP Text Colorer is a GIMP plug-in that converts an image and the desired source text into colored HTML/XHTML text.
Resynthesizer[..]esynthesizer/ 1265x
Resynthesizer is a GIMP plug-in that when given a sample of a texture can synthesize more of that texture. It can also be used to create tiling patterns, to remove an object from am image by inventing a plausable background.
Raw Image Loader Plug-in[..]p/loader.html 1269x
Raw Image Loader is a GIMP 1.1 plug-in which allows loading arbitrary bit-mapped data into the GIMP. It supports 24-bit RGB, Planar RGB, RGBA, and indexed data.
Mrwtoppm[..]oom/mintoppm/ 1190x
Mrwtoppm provides a command line utility and a Gimp plugin for processing RAW image files from Minolta's DiMAGE 5 and 7 series digital cameras.
MathMap[..]hani/mathmap/ 1157x
MathMap is a GIMP plugin and a commandline tool which allows distortion of images and animations specified by mathematical formulae.
Graphics Muse Tools Extras[..]/gfxmuse.html 1360x
This is a set of brushes and patterns for use with the GIMP.
gradient-fu[..]omif/grad-fu/ 1208x
gradient-fu is a patch for the GIMP that exposes the functionality of the gradient editor to scripts and plug-ins. It creates entries in the GIMP PDB for all the common gradient editing routines.
gluas[..]ug-ins/gluas/ 1119x
gluas is a GIMP plug-in for prototyping image processing algorithms using the Lua programming language. It features a built in text editor, and the ability to preview the effect the algorithm will have directly on the image.
gimp-python[..]james/pygimp/ 1154x
Gimp-Python is a set of Python modules that allow you to write plugins for the GIMP in Python.
Formulas Rendering Plug-In for the Gimp 2[..]gin-formulas/ 1090x
The Formulas Rendering Plug-In for the GIMP 2 is a simple plugin that allows you to change the values of each color channel of each pixel of a layer by using mathematical expressions. It is able to handle RGB* and Gray* images. Available operators are: +, -, *, /, ^, and %.
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