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cputnik[..]ugins/cputnik 1435x
a simple CPU monitor
xfsm[..]sec/xfsm.html 1068x
xfsm is a generic window manager applet loosely derived from AfterStep's asfsm, which can be used to check the status of file systems, mounting/unmounting them with a single mouse click, etc.
WMCPU[..]imecop/#wmcpu 1848x
WMCPU gives a graphical representation of the info provided by uptime. I may be wrong here, the docs are sparse.
wmsensors[..]wmsensors.htm 5796x
applet for monitoring hardware health-monitoring chips. Works in conjunction with the lm_sensors2 kernel modules.
pclock[..]-pc-lock.html 3192x
pclock is an analog clock which allows you to choose your own 64x64 pixmap for the clock face.
WMEyes[..]ool/w/wmeyes/ 738x
XEyes for the Dock!
GSwitchIt Plugins[..]chit-plugins/ 660x
GSwitchIt Plugins is a set of plugins that extend the standard GNOME Keyboard Indicator applet functionality. They are based on the GSwitchIt applet plugin API. They allow customized highlighting, flags, user-configurable default keyboard group, and sound notification.
wmflame[..]pId_5168.html 791x
wmflame is a windowmaker dock applet that draws flames. The height and quality of the flames can be adjusted with little buttons.
Killer-Applet[..]load7178.html 697x
Killer is a KDE kicker applet which pops up a list to quickly kill processes which are not responding.
WMmnt[..]ps/other.html 696x
A patch to (above) using Everything LED display. Included is 16 icon styles. Future enhancements, such as transparent background and WINGs setup program,
WMgMon[..]ojects/wmgmon 812x
WMgMon is a generic monitor applet for WindowMaker and Afterstep. It can display CPU, I/O, memory, and swap usage, as WMMon does.
pclock-bezier[..]clock-bezier/ 1386x
A two-hour hack. Combined the rather cool Bezier Clock (bclock) with those wonky curves that bezier between the three hands, with pclock, so the final result is a bezierclock-windowmaker-dockapp.
ASClock[..]s/sid/asclock 11604x
The AfterStep clock, available in three versions: Classic, Xlib, & Gtk.
WMgl518sm 679x
This Dockapp displays cpu temperature, fan speed and core voltage provided by the gl518sm-r00 chip.
WMNUT[..]ojects/wmnut/ 3731x
WMNUT is a program to monitor UPS statistics through the NUT (Network UPS Tools) framework on Linux and other systems.
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