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Cestovní príkaz[..]y-prikaz.html 0x
Cestovné příkazy[..]-prikazy.html 0x
i740fb-xfree 1371x
i740fb-xfree is an improved and fixed driver for the old i740 boards. This driver adds XVideo and DGA support.
SATRAP[..]e/satrap.html 0x
Satrap is a simple utility for assembler programers who are creating some bootable programs. It takes the program, adds a boot-loader and creates a bootable floppy. Useful for creating OS independent programs like memory testers, BIOS and firmware rewriters or CMOS editors or just as an 8086 assembler exercise.
python-inotify 702x
python-inotify is a Python interface to the Linux inotify file notification facility.
HTML::EP[..]ects/html-ep/ 571x
HTML::EP is a server-side embedded HTML system in the style of PHP3, that allows you to combine the full power of Perl with your HTML pages.
AWAG[..]z/awag.tar.gz 693x
AWAG dials a number via ISDN and plays a message.
GPSD Client for LCDPROC 1875x
GPSD Client for LCDPROC connects to GPSD and collects location, altitude, velocity, signal, and date information. It then connects to the LCDPROC daemon and displays the data. It has currently been tested with a Matrix Orbital 2x20 display.
PyStem[..]jects/pystem/ 709x
PyStem is a fast Python module with the the Porter stemming algorithm (a process for removing the commoner morphological and inflexional endings from words in English; its main use is as part of a term normalisation process that is usually done when setting up Information Retrieval systems).
Ammonite[..]Ammonite.html 698x
Ammonite is a client-side HTTP proxy with special features for connecting to Eazel Services.
Fav2bmk[..]nverters.html 599x
Converts MSIE Favourites to Netscape Bookmarks.
My3SP[..]roup_id=60894 563x
My3SP is a thin-client application designed to interoperate with the forthcoming Open3SP server. It provides features including integrated SSH connection management, rules based access control, corporate VPN access, ands secure corporate instant messaging.
WordFlashReader 601x
WordFlashReader is intended to help you read at many times your normal speed by flashing words at you (with the proper pauses for punctuation).
Allen Bradley PCMK Driver[..]rojects/abpd/ 585x
The Allen Bradley PCMK Driver is a PCMCIA module and related userland utility to facilitate using the Allen Bradley PCMK card to talk with other devices over Data Highway Plus.
tn3270[..]agacy3270_tty 640x
This is the old BSD tn3270 emulator made to compile under Linux/GLIBC. It is not perfect and not being actively maintained.
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