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irman-python[..]irman-python/ 1114x
irman-python is a set of Python bindings for libirman, an interface to the IRman infra-red remote control receiver.
pyxattr 1589x
pyxattr is a Python extension module wrapper for libattr, which can be used to query, list, add, and remove extended attributes from files and directories.
Ccscript[..]are/ccscript/ 865x
A general purpose class extensible embedded script engine for near real-time state-event driven and threaded applications.
Libghttp[..]ces/libghttp/ 895x
Libghttp - GNOME http client.
T1lib 918x
Rasterizer library for Adobe Type 1 Fonts.
Aamon[..]sfnet_aamon// 1084x
Aamon is a C++ library offering multithreading, synchronization, and communication aimed at client-server application development.
python-mhash 1147x
python-mhash Thread-safe hash Python library.(SHA1, SHA160, SHA192, SHA224, SHA384, SHA512, HAVAL128, HAVAL160, HAVAL192, HAVAL224, HAVAL256, RIPEMD128, RIPEMD256, RIPEMD320, MD4, MD5, TIGER, TIGER128, TIGER160, ALDER32, CRC32, CRC32b, WHIRLPOOL, GOST)
Kplotw[..]load6791.html 1059x
Kplotw - Widget which creates plots from data.
getargs[..]i/getargs/2.0 2313x
getargs is a Python module that implements a command line parser that Python scripts can use to parse their command line arguments in sys.argv.
DGNLib[..]jects/dgnlib/ 1147x
a small C/C++ library for reading DGN files
Pxdiff[..]r.gz/download 1069x
Pxdiff compares two Paradox DB files.
Math::Calc::Units[..]h_calc_units/ 156x
Math::Calc::Units is a Perl module and associated command-line tool 'ucalc' that performs simple calculations while taking the units used into consideration. For example, 384Kbps will be described as 48KB/sec and 3.955 GB/day. 20MB/384Kbps will produce "7 minute 6 sec".
File::Scan[..]st/File-Scan/ 1127x
File::Scan allows users to make multiplataform virus scanners which can detect Windows/DOS/Mac viruses. It include a virus scanner and signatures database.
Libglade[..]cts/libglade/ 1607x
Libglade - Library allowing to load GLADE interfaces at runtime.
python-libcommon[..]on-libcommon/ 749x
python-libcommon contains Map, Set, and Graph data types for Python. It provides data types (like Graph) that can handle directed or undirected labeled graphs.
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