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GCC 11434x
GCC is the GNU Compiler Collection, which currently contains front ends for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada, as well as libraries for these languages (libstdc++, libgcj,...).
Free basic 0x
FreeBASIC - as the name suggests - is a completely free, open-source, 32-bit BASIC compiler, with the syntax the most compatible possible with MS-QuickBASIC, that adds new features such as pointers, unsigned data types, inline-assembly and many others.
Pyastra 1159x
Pyastra is a Python to assembler translator that supports the Microchip PIC16 instruction set. It is designed to generate compact and effective code.
pyc 957x
pyc compiles Python source code to Python bytecode. Since it is written entirely in Python, it is easy to modify and add new features to the Python programming language.
JNumeric 1175x
JNumeric is a port of Numerical Python to Jython (Java Python) to support all mathematical operations (linear algebra, matrices, DSP, wavelets, FFT, arrays), and thus compete with commercial packages such as Matlab. It can be easily embedded in Java programs.
Axiomatic Multi-Platform C 0x
AMPC is a C IDE that generates Java Bytecode for the Java Virtual Machine® !!
CACAO 1105x
CACAO is a JIT compiler for Java.
Logtalk 1233x
Open source object-oriented extension to Prolog
Decaf compiler[..]tware/decafc/ 1152x
decafc is a scanner/parser/checker/MIPS code generator.
PHParse 985x
PHParse is a typical 'compiler-compiler', written entirely in PHP. It can be used to describe context-free lexical and syntactic grammars of formal languages and provide methods for their translation, either syntax directed or by building abstract syntax trees.
PentiumGCC 1231x
PentiumGCC is a branch of GCC (the GNU Compiler Collection, formerly known as gcc/egcs) especially designed to optimize for x86 compatible chips. Make[..]MetaLogi/LaKe 1238x Make is yet another make replacement, but one that allows you to create your makefile in C++.
PilRC 6606x
PilRC is a Palm OS resource compiler. This is a tool that turns a textual description of Palm OS forms, bitmaps, fonts, and other resources into a binary form that can be included in an application or library. The name is derived from "PILot Resource Compiler". This tool is used with many popular Palm OS development tools, including prc-tools and CodeWarrior for Palm OS.
Prc-Tools 5473x
PalmOS C/C++ compiler.
NASM 3491x
NASM is an 80x86 assembler designed for portability and modularity. It supports a range of object file formats including Linux a.out and ELF, COFF, Microsoft 16-bit OBJ and Win32. It will also output plain binary files. Its syntax is designed to be simple and easy to understand, similar to Intel's but less complex. It supports Pentium, P6, MMX, 3DNow! and SSE opcodes, and has macro capability. It includes a disassembler as well.
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