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yEd[..]yed_about.htm 0x
yEd is a powerful graph editor that is written entirely in the Java programming language. It can be used to quickly generate drawings and apply automatic layouts to all kinds of diagrams and networks.
aiSee 2348x
aiSee reads a textual, easy-to-read, and easy-to-learn graph specification and automatically calculates a customizable graph layout. This layout is then displayed, and can be printed or interactively explored. aiSee features 15 basic graph layout algorithms (including force-directed layout), recursive subgraph nesting, fish-eye views, and an animation interface. It has been optimized to handle huge graphs automatically generated by applications (e.g. compilers).
IFSplot[..]ects/ifsplot/ 1948x
ifsplot is an IFS attractor (fractal) plotter.
yplot 3116x
yplot is an interface to the PLPlot plotting library written as an extension of yorick. This combination allows one to quickly and easily create high-quality scientific plots from data, even in large structured files.
Ptplot 3055x
Ptplot is a set of Java classes that can be used as an applet or an application for graphing datasets. It reads PlotML, binary, or ASCII data, is autoranging, and automatically or manually labels axes and tick marks.
WilmaScope 2704x
WilmaScope is a Java 3D application that creates real-time 3D animations of dynamic graph structures.
cinclude2dot[..]cinclude2dot/ 3894x
cinclude2dot generates a directed graph of the #include relationships within a C source tree.
CvsGraph[..]tho/cvsgraph/ 9271x
CvsGraph is a utility for generation of graphical representation of a CVS/RCS repository.
ibargraph[..]bargraph.html 2851x
ibargraph shows the current throughput on an ISDN line as an LED bargraph with LCDProc.
rrd-snort[..]jects/rrd.xml 3804x
rrd-snort is a script that creates a graph from alerts/events stored in a Snort database in order to see distribution of "top n" attack methods.
Plotter[..]rk33/plotter/ 2991x
Plotter is a GTK+ mathematical graph plotting application. It is written entirely in Python using the PyGtk.
sig2dot[..]code/sig2dot/ 3721x can be used to generate a graph of all of the signature relationships in a GPG/PGP keyring.
Tulip 5413x
Tulip is a software system dedicated to the visualization of huge graphs. It manages graphs with up to 500,000 elements (node and edges) on a personal computer (PIII 600, 256MB RAM). Its SuperGraph technology architecture provides the following features: 3D visualizations, 3D modifications, plugin support, support for clusters and navigation, automatic graph drawing, automatic clustering of graphs, automatic selection of elements, and automatic coloring of elements according to a metric.
Umbrello 9558x
Tool to draw diagrams of Object Orientated software in industry standard Unified Modelling Language. Imports C++ and exports various languages.
KFlowChart 3731x
KFlowChart is a very young project intended to be a generic diagram maker. With it you can draw any kind of diagrams. This great flexibility is given by it's widget editor, with which you can design your own widgets.
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