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GNOME Personal Information Manager[..]ts/gnome-pim/ 1930x
GNOME-PIM is a personal information manager (PIM) for the GNOME Desktop Environment. It includes a calendar and an address book, as well as conduits for synchronisation with Palm Pilot handhelds.
KDE Kontact 711x
PS Cal[..]ograms/pscal/ 0x
PS Cal is a robust PHP/SQL calendar. It can be used as a personal planner or an event calendar.
KDE-PIM-suite 740x
KDE-PIM help you to organize your mail, addresses, todo's, appointments, and so on. Beyond this, it allows you to let your computer communicate with your mobile phone and pda
Sunbird[..]/sunbird.html 1891x
The Sunbird Project is a redesign of the Mozilla Calendar component.
Niki[..]ki/index.html 939x
Niki is a simple Notes program.
CALimba[..]hp?rb=calimba 1131x
Task Coach 1113x
Task Coach is a simple todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists.
Diogene87 1048x
Diogene87 is a powerful job scheduling system. It features centralized management, jobs dependencies, start conditions, planning, a log of job activity, job monitoring, statistics for job durations.
HomeCal 971x
HomeCal is a Web-based scheduling system for use in homes. It has a scheduling calendar for multiple users, Outlook-style notes, and a contacts database.
anno[..]tion/anno.htm 996x
Anno is an ncurses based calendar with the ability to move to the future and past. Anno currently supports the Gregorian and Persian calendars.
NachoCalendar 1172x
NachoCalendar is intended to provide a fully customizable calendar component for Java.
Active Calendar[..]age/1870.html 1384x
Active Calendar is a PHP class that generates calendars (month or year view) as HTML tables
worldpilot 1163x
Worldpilot is a free, open-source, Web-based, multiuser organizer and messenger. It provides an IMAP-based web mail client, contact and address books, sticky notes, "ToDos" and many other.
Winzig[..]obert/Winzig/ 2339x
Winzig is suite of a PIM style applications written in Python/GTK. It includes an address book, a calculator, a calendar, and a todo list.
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1. Pacman linux
Download: 2563x
2. FreeBSD
Download: 6624x
3. PCLinuxOS-2010
Download: 6046x
4. alcolix
Download: 8303x
5. Onebase Linux
Download: 7079x
6. Novell Linux Desktop
Download: 0x
7. KateOS
Download: 3765x

1. VFU File Manager
Download: 1357x
2. LeftHand Mała Księgowość
Download: 4928x
3. MISU pyFotoResize
Download: 685x
4. Lefthand CRM
Download: 1620x
5. MetadataExtractor
Download: 0x
6. RCP100
Download: 1103x
7. Predaj softveru
Download: 0x
8. MSH Free Autoresponder
Download: 0x
9. Guitar Scale Expert
Download: 1169x
10. Jinja24Doc
Download: 0x
11. Čistič
Download: 1240x
12. BASH History Suggest Box
Download: 5232x
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