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wmlaptop 13028x
wmlaptop is a WindowMaker dockapp that includes all that a linux user with a laptop needs: * Battery estimated time remaining * Multi Batteries support * Battery remaining charge (visual and percent) * Auto-Frequency Scaling * Manual Frequency Scaling * 0-100 Cpu Load indicator * APM and ACPI support * sysfs and /proc filesystems support *
ASClock[..]s/sid/asclock 11674x
The AfterStep clock, available in three versions: Classic, Xlib, & Gtk.
netapplet[..]rml/netapplet 8583x
Network switching and control applet.
KKBswitch 8558x
KKBSwitch is a keyboard layout indicator for KDE 2 or 3.
gDesklets 8487x
gDesklets provides an advanced architecture for desktop applets -- tiny displays sitting on your desktop in a symbiotic relationship of eye candy and usefulness.
Usermon 8477x
An applet that monitors the number of users on a system and raises an alarm when a limit has been reached.
GetCodecs[..]ts/getcodecs/ 8237x
GetCodecs is a simple applet written in Python with a GTK2 GUI that downloads, installs, and configures your system to use the various multimedia formats (MP3, DivX, DVD, etc.) that are not shipped with many distributions.
wmcms 5899x
This DockApp show you the percentage of your CPU usage,physical memory usage and swap memory usage.
wmsensors[..]wmsensors.htm 5832x
applet for monitoring hardware health-monitoring chips. Works in conjunction with the lm_sensors2 kernel modules.
SuperKaramba 5557x
SuperKaramba is a tool that allows anyone to easily create and run little interactive widgets on a KDE desktop. Widgets are defined in a simple text file and can be augmented with Python code to make them interactive. Current widgets include everything from simple news headline displays to complete custom replacements for kicker, the KDE toolbar.
wmtictactoe[..]y/wmtictactoe 5538x
A fun tic-tac-toe game!
wmlm-fsc[..]eblog/show/16 5527x
wmlm-fsc is wmlm with support for FSCPOS (Fujitsu-Siemens Poseidon) chips. Currently it only shows temerature values, though.
wmgtemp 5514x
wmgtemp is a dock app for WindowMaker that graphically displays the CPU and SYS temperatures using the lm_sensors package.
wmTetris[..]tris/?C=S;O=A 5451x
A fully functional version of Tetris in a dock app!
FlashApplet 5185x
FlashApplet is a panel applet for KDE. It monitors the files specified in the config file and "flashes" when a change in filesize occurs. The applet has a built-in idle detection mechanism to help determine how long the applet should flash. The applet was developed to enable visual notification when a message arrives on IRC. Let your IRC client log the channels you are interested in. Then add the log files to the FlashApplet config file. Now FlashApplet will notify you when there's activity on the channels(s) you've added.
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