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dsprec 744x
dsprec reads samples from the /dev/dsp device and outputs them to standard output. It allows you to specify the sample rate, word size, and number of channels.
dumpmpeg[..]cts/dumpmpeg/ 744x
dumpmpeg is a simple program that allows you to dump frames from mpeg movies. Future features may include dumping of the audio as well.
NuppelVideo[..]/nuppelvideo/ 743x
NuppelVideo is a simple and fast capture program for bttv-cards and for the slower computers (200Mhz) with MMX capability.
vsound[..]d/index.shtml 742x
vsound allows you to record the output of any standard OSS program that uses /dev/dsp without having to modify or recompile the program.
Frameworks[..]ameworks.html 741x
Frameworks is designed to capture frames of stop-motion animation (claymation) from Webcams in PNG format, using Video4Linux. Using other software, these frames may be assembled into video.
audio recording server[..]rce/erec.html 718x
erec is a tool program for recording raw audio stream from the soundcard. Multiple instances of erec can be running at the same time sharing the same audio device. It works as a frontend to the audio device for programs wishing to listen at the same time.
This script was written as an alternative means of using my Memorex CRW-1622 CD Re-Writer with the Linux (and *BSD) Operating System.
Transcriber[..]software.html 0x
Audio Transcriber/Recorder is a perl/Tk program designed to transfer audio tapes and lp's to cd's. The target platform is gnu/linux with X windows and has not been tested on other systems. Please email me with your constructive comments - and help me make this software better! Version -.0.9.3 has been updated to fix bugs, should work good with FC9
autorip/autotag[..]rane/autorip/ 0x
Autorip and autotag are a pair of shell-scripts which automate the ripping and encoding of CDs to MP3. They were written with the idea of disconnected operation in mind: * CDs can be ripped to WAV files at anytime, * CDs are identified from FreeDB the next time the machine is connected to the net, * WAV files are tagged and encoded to MP3 at a later time.
cd2mp3 0x
DVD95 0x
Software for converting of movie's DVDs, from dual-layer (DVD9) into one-layer (DVD5).
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