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LightBulb 0x
LightBulb is a complete, browser-based, WYSIWYG PHP development suite and framework (Lumenation) which includes a PHP application generator, a code editor (with context and classes prompting and highlighting), a complete middleware environment (Lumenation), a GUI application interface, record locking, HIPPA application compliance, user application logging, transaction logging, current user monitoring, a library of PHP classes and data access security, DB compatibility, a report builder, a query builder, an SQL builder, a source code manager, an application management system, and a virtual desktop system metaphor, and many other features.
Code::Blocks C/C++ IDE 0x
The open source, cross platform Free C++ IDE. Code::Blocks is a free C++ IDE built specifically to meet the most demanding needs of its users. It was designed, right from the start, to be extensible and configurable. Built around a plugin framework, Code::Blocks can be extended with plugins. It includes a plugin wizard so you can create your own plugins! (Free SDK downloaded separately) Finally, an IDE with all the features you need, having a consistent look'n'feel and operation across platforms.
Wing IDE 0x
Wing IDE and Python are well suited for rapid application development and large or complex projects with changing requirements. From desktop to website to enterprise application integration, Wing IDE and Python give you a fast, scalable, and portable platform that lets you concentrate on building your application-specific functionality.
IBM WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer[..]nterprisedev/ 0x
IBM WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer V5.1.1 helps simplify the skills needed to develop component-based Web applications. Supports SOA and web service creation, deployable to WebSphere, CICS, and IMS environments, leveraging Enterprise COBOL and Enterprise PL/1. Helps developers create dynamic Web applications including support for Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), XML and Web services technologies. Lets developers rapidly create well structured e-business systems that integrate WebSphere software and traditional transactional environments, including CICS, IMS, and Batch systems. Promotes the reuse and transformation of existing applications to help reduce costs and shorten the development cycle. Leverages visual construction of an open struts-based model-view-controller (MVC) model to help make application development intuitive and easy. Facilitates the need for heterogeneous skill sets in IT organizations by supporting Java, COBOL and PL/I. Improves productivity for developers of zOS based applications while encouraging their transition to developing with e-business architectures. Helps transform and enable developers by facilitating skill and knowledge transfer in mission critical technologies. Supports team member collaboration across the process of development, testing, and deployment of multi tiered mixed workload applications. WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer V5 consists of a common workbench, and integrated set of tools that support end-to-end, model-based application development, runtime testing and rapid deployment of e-business applications. WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer supports a broad range of developers, with added flexibility and the ability to integrate with existing applications: Tools environment: * Web Diagram Editor Provides a visual component construction environment based on Struts, an open source implementation of the model-view-controller (MVC) component architecture; helps construct MVC-based Web applications with a visual assembly tool; provides quick access to resource-appropriate editors and wizards; separates team responsibilities for greater productivity and focus. * EGL support Provides Rapid Development support with Enterprise Generation Language (EGL)supporting the creation of full-function Java™ and COBOL applications that deliver enterprise data to browsers; implements business logic; facilitates code preparation and deployment with automated procedures * JAVA development Helps create Java code; enables incremental compilation and provides a common local and remote debugger benefit; includes Java source file tools to search, compare and merge code and refactoring tools to help reorganize Java applications. * Traditional z/OS development with COBOL and PL/I Provides an interactive, workstation-based environment that provides quick access to IBM z/OS (formerly IBM S/390) datasets; enables creation and language sensitive editing of COBOL or PL/I code; create IBM CICS system-based code, IBM IMS and Structured Query Language (SQL) statements. * Web development Helps develop creative and data-rich Web-based applications; provides a visual layout tool to help you write JavaServer Pages (JSP) and HTML, as well as a wizard to develop servlet code; lets you create Web applications from database queries and beans; includes graphic-design software for producing static and animated out-put; supports J2EE coding and deployment. * Analysis and performance profiling Collects and presentsJava runtime data in graphical and non-graphical views; helps detect application performance issues early in the development cycle and improve overall system efficiency. * J2EE platform support Features full Enterprise JavaBeans(EJB),Version 1.1 support, Web Archive (WAR)and Enterprise Application Archive (EAR) deployment support; updated EJB test client and an enhanced unit-test environment creates multiple projects with different unit-test configurations. * Testing and deployment Allows cross-platform interactive testing, debugging and deployment of JSP, servlets, EJB and HTML files on local and remote Web application servers as well as CICS, IMS/DC and batch debugging of COBOL, PL/I and assembler applications. * Web services deployment Helps build and deploy Web services-enabled applications across a broad range of platforms; offers tools to ensure conformance to standards such as UDDI for Java, SOAP and WSDL. Includes support for XML transformers generated taking advantage of Enterprise COBOL V3 high-speed parsing support. * Relational database Helps create and manipulate project data design as relational database (RDB) schemas; writes queries against local and remote data. * XML development Offers ability to create, view, edit and validate document-type definitions (DTD) and XML schemas, transform XML documents into text, HTML or other XML document types; integrates relational databases and XML.
Lazarus 0x
Lazarus is a developement enviroment using the Free Pascal Language(fpc), which tries to be Delphi like. It's a multiplatform and multiwidget IDE. Lazarus is released under the GPL but the libraries are released under LGPL. As of now lazarus has most Delphi components plus some of it's own.
PHPortal 0x
PHPortal is a PHP application development environment similar to Zope. It is a pipeline or tunnel application that can help you quickly create dynamic Web applications such as portal and intranet sites. It comes with membership, search, news, and more. Its easy-to-use tools allow teams to productively and safely work together. It provides access to databases and other legacy data. Its support for Web standards such as SMTP, POP, FTP, and XML-RPC allows you flexibility and interoperability. It consists of a number of components which work together to provide a complete, yet flexible, application server package. It includes an XML-RPC server, an object-oriented database schema, a search engine, a database virtual file mapping system, a Web page templating system, a Web-based development and management tool, and comprehensive extension support.
Black Adder[..]s/blackadder/ 0x
BlackAdder is an application development environment that allows professional and hobbyist programmers alike to produce complex applications for the Windows and Linux platforms. It brings together the Python programming language, the Qt graphical user interface toolkit, ODBC database connectivity, and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that includes an editor, a GUI designer, a debugger, and an interactive Python interpreter.
Atris Framework[..]risframework/ 0x
Atris Framework is a fully functional platform independent GUI framework based on the Java/Swing API. It provides an advanced GUI screen editor with features including an abstract data layer, pre-built Design Patterns, data set to visual component mappings, window management (tiling, last position/size memory), database/app server login control, preference management, advanced table and tree management, advanced data relationship management, automated management of standard CRUD operations, launching GUI applications from Web sites directly, table sorting, column ordering, table searching, in-table editing, and the ability to import existing visual components in addition to many other features.
IntelliJ IDEA 0x
IntelliJ IDEA is an intelligent Java IDE intensely focused on developer productivity. It provides a robust combination of enhanced development tools, including refactoring, J2EE support, Ant, JUnit, and version controls integration. Packaged with an intelligent Java editor, coding assistance and advanced code automation tools, IntelliJ IDEA enables Java programmers to boost their productivity while reducing routine time consuming tasks.
Builder Xcessory PRO (BX PRO) 0x
BX PRO is the industry's most powerful graphical user interface (GUI) builder for creating application using the Motif toolkit. Offering the complete set of features needed to develop and manage GUI projects of any size from start to finish, no other product gives developers a more powerful object-oriented development environment. BX PRO runs on most UNIX and Linu systems. 30 day trials are available.
Borland JBuilderX 0x
JBuilder® 2008 continues to drive innovation and deliver value to Java developers by providing an enterprise-class IDE based on the Eclipse open source framework with support for the leading commercial and open source Java EE 5 application servers.
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