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PPR 986x
PPR is a Unix print spooler expressly designed for operating PostScript printers. Its features are numerous, and it supports printers connected to parallel or serial ports, or over the network through AppleTalk, LanManager, LPD, and TCP/IP protocols. It accepts jobs from Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Unix clients. If the input file is not PostScript, it can pipe the input through a filter. PPR has been designed to manage large numbers of printers with minimal operator attention. It has command line and Web interfaces.
Gnome-print 985x
GNOME printing architecture. 'gnome-print' is an API that implements the Postscript imaging model.
wprint[..]e/wprint.html 985x
Filter for Netscape that allows to print pages in (at least) Unicode, Big5, SJIS and all the ISO-8859* charsets using true type fonts.
texprL3[..]r/20040718-0/ 984x
A tool for printing texts in ISO-Latin-3.
slap 983x
slap prints text labels on Seiko Instruments' range of Smart Label Printers (all models).
g2100config 981x
It will help you use all the features (Resolution, Density, Economode etc) of an HP LaserJet 2100 series printer
t1utils[..]ddietwo/type/ 980x
Tools for manipulating PostScript Type 1 fonts.
foo2oak 980x
foo2oak is a driver for printers that use the Oak Technology OAKT wire protocol for their print data. It allows users to print to the HP Color LaserJet 1500 and other OAKT protocol printers.
printquota 980x
Helps you to administrate your print queues and users. It does accounting for every print job on your system.
PrintDuplex 979x
PrintDuplex is a Gnome utility for manual duplex printing and booklet creation from Postscript files. It is a front-end to the psutil tools.
OZscap[..]jects/ozscap/ 978x
Provides a single dialog box with all the options required to scan and print documents quickly and easily. Written using GTK 1.2 supports Gnome and KDE
Lexmark Z11 Color Printer Driver 977x
This is a driver for the Lexmark Z11 Color Jetprinter. It supports 600 dpi color only, and processes the Ghostscript bitcmyk output.
xwtools[..]ish/about.htm 975x
Allows printing with photo quality under Linux.
ULPR[..]cts/ulpr.html 974x
Universal LPR Client: a printing client program for the LPD, TCP (raw), and SMB protocols. It is extensible, so that additional protocols may be added, and it requires NO configuration files.
Lexmark 2070 B/W Linux Driver[..]2070.old.html 974x
A filter to print B/W pbm-Output from Ghostscript in 300dpi on Lexmark 2070 Color Jet printers. Now with an improved algorithm for faster printing.
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