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Ximba Radio[..]mbaradio.html 1029x
Ximba Radio is a GTK+ based user interface to the OpenXM daemon for controlling an XMPCR device.
TkRadio 1028x
The TkRadio is written in C and perl using the Perl/Tk module for the graphic GUI.
rdj 1025x
rdj is a gtk+ radio interface for bttv video devices with radio tuners. Scanning, station editing, using devices radio0-3 and setting a default station.
DMCRadio[..]cts/dmcradio/ 1024x
DMCRadio is a ncurses-based console program for radio tuner cards supported by the Video4Linux system.
dproc[..]~uuaul/dproc/ 1023x
dproc gets video, audio, teletext, epg, etc. from any digital video card that is supported by Linux and broadcasts it on your network or records it on your hard drive.
RadioActive[..]/radioactive/ 1014x
RadioActive is a radio tuner program for X (using the GTK widget set), the GNOME panel and the command line, built upon the standardized Video4Linux API found in the 2.2 series of the Linux kernels.
AleVT 1002x
AleVT is a teletext/videotext decoder and browser for the bttv driver (/dev/vbi) and X11.
dov4l 0x
This console-tool sets parameters of a Video4Linux-device.
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5. Onebase Linux
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6. Novell Linux Desktop
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1. VFU File Manager
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2. LeftHand Mała Księgowość
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3. MISU pyFotoResize
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4. Lefthand CRM
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5. MetadataExtractor
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6. RCP100
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7. Predaj softveru
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8. MSH Free Autoresponder
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9. Guitar Scale Expert
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10. Jinja24Doc
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11. Čistič
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12. BASH History Suggest Box
Download: 5838x
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