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QPPP[..]aker64/myppp/ 1466x
QPPP is a PPP dialer for Red Hat Linux. It lets users dial a PPP connection and records the total time the user online.
LP-PPP 1442x
LP-PPP is a PPP dialer.
pload[..]dsmith/pload/ 1438x
Pload is a ppp monitor similar to xload. It displays totals and current rates for both inbound and outbound data.
PPP Remote Control[..]exler/ppp-rc/ 1427x
PPP Remote Control is a small Perl CGI program, perfect for a masqueraded LAN where a fully automatic diald setup is not desired. It can start, stop, and give a status report on the pppd connections, all from a single control page.
rjobs[..]rojects/rjobs 1408x
The Periodic Remote Job Agent rjobs automatically sets up a PPP connection to another workstation and exchanges scripts containing job requests for the local and remote workstations.
pdnsd[..]mbouts/pdnsd/ 1365x
MyPPP[..]aker64/myppp/ 1361x
MyPPP is a PPP dialer and logger for Red Hat Linux. It lets users start a PPP dialup connection to an ISP and records how much time has been spent online every month.
Chestnut Dialer 1301x
chestnut-dialer is a PPP dialing program, written in Python. It does not require root permissions, but requires read and/or write access to some system files (including the modem device). It uses the standard pppd daemon for setting up network interfaces.
ISDN Py/GTK Dialer[..]jects/isdnpy/ 1242x aims to be a simple, no-frills ISDN dialer. It's written in Python using PyGTK bindings.
DIP: Dialup IP Protocol Driver[..]k/serial/dip/ 1156x
Dip handles the connections needed for dialup IP links, like SLIP or PPP. It can handle both incoming and outgoing connections, using password security for incoming connections.
PPPMon[..]pppmonen.html 1074x
PPPMon is an RP3 clone. It shows the activity in the PPP conection, and starts/stops the PPP conetion in an easy way.
minicom[..]ects/minicom/ 1037x
Minicom is a serial communication program. It is a Unix clone of the well-known MS-DOS Telix program. It has ANSI color, a dialing directory, dial-a-list, and a scripting language.
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