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Xdobry 6282x
Xdobry is a form-generator for relational databases. It is aimed at people who want to create forms to an existing database. MySQL, Postgresql, sqlite, and ODBC are supported. The system contains SchemaEditor, FormEditor (GUI Drag&Drop Editor), and FormServer. It is written in Tcl with various extensions (Tk, Tix, TclX, Xotcl, and tDOM). Xdobry lets you browse your database like hypertext documents.
HSQL 6091x
hsqldb is a relational database engine written in Java, with a JDBC driver, supporting a rich subset of ANSI-92 SQL (BNF tree format). It offers a small (less than 160k), fast database engine which offers both in memory and disk based tables
MySQL 6015x
Simple, stable, very fast (for reading), popular, mltiplatform database with very small hardware requirements that implements a subset of SQL that is usefull for most application.
SqlLine 5838x
SqlLine is a small console utility for connecting to any JDBC compliant database. It supports command history, table and column tab completion, aliases, and transactions
Ftree 5816x
Ftree is an X-window program to store and display family tree genealogy information.
Alexandria Archives 5809x
Alexandria Archives is designed to catalog your files and directories on CD, floppy disk, hard drive, Zip Disk, USB memory, etc. and search for them later.
602SQL Server 5747x
602SQL is Relational database system based on Client/Server model. 602SQL Server is hign compatible with standard SQL ANSI/ISO (SQL 2 Intermidiate level). You can write procedures a triggers based on SQL 3 norm. The big features in version 8 is support for XML for exchange data between two heterogenous systems.
avdbtools[..]ls/index.html 5715x
The avdbtools package (short for aviation database tools) is a collection of software designed to assist in creating and maintaining databases for aviation applications. As of this release, avdbtools consists of a single application that converts the National Airspace Data files distributed by the Aeronautical Information Systems Division of the Federal Aviation Administration into formats usable by other aviation related applications.
Ozone[..]ome/what.html 5693x
ozone is a fully featured, object-oriented database management system completely implemented in Java and distributed under an open source license. The ozone project aims to evolve a database system that allows developers to build pure object-oriented, pure Java database applications. Just program your Java objects and let them run in a transactional database environment.
GMysqlCC 5451x
GMysqlCC is a GUI client for MySQL databases.
CdCat 5395x
CdCat is a multiplatform (Linux/Windows) Qt program for creating a CD catalog. It scans your CDs and stores the directory tree and file list with basic information (size, date, ...); it can also read ID3 tags from MP3 files. Later it can browse the database and look for a specified file.
Rolo 5213x
Rolo keeps track of contacts and displays with a text-based menu.
DBF Viewer and Editor 5196x
This console DBF file viewer and editor supports: Keyboard macros Multiple file opening Working with selected cells Export of information to TXT, CSV, SQL, HTML and DBF formats The program supports all kinds of memo fields and can repair damaged database files, exporting the information from database tables to a variety of formats. The built-in hexadecimal editor can be used to edit file headers. There is also a calculator with which field names can be automatically substituted with their values.
gASQL 5100x
Database admin tool. Works with gnome-db and has nice and easy GUI.
DbModeller[..]cId=1&maxId=0 4926x
DbModeller allows you to design a physical database model and generate the SQL commands to build the data structure.
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