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HP OfficeJet Linux driver 1965x
The HP OfficeJet Linux driver provides printing, scanning, and photo-card access support for most Hewlett-Packard multi-function peripherals connected to a parallel port, USB port, or LAN via selected HP JetDirect print servers.
Muttprint 1952x
Formats the printing of Mutt and other mail clients like XFMail or PINE
Tipograf 1947x
Tipograf is a frontend for the powerful anything to PostScript converter a2ps. It encapsulates a2ps's plethora of command-line options into a user friendly GUI and provides some additional functionality. It has been translated to English and German.
xprintutil[..]s/xprintutil/ 1828x
Xprintutil is a package of 4 printing utilities: xdvips (a frontend to dvips), xenscript (a frontend to enscript), xa2tex (a frontend to printing text files through TeX), and printer (a printer manager). All of these parse the /etc/printcap file and let the user interactively select the printer as well as most of the command line options of dvips and enscript.
ICCTool[..]ucts/icctool/ 1784x
ICCTool is a simple but usefull tool. You can use it to check how ICC profile combinations perform for particular sets of input values. The ICC transformations are carried out by Serendipity Software's ICC engine, the same engine used in BlackMagic and MegaRIP. First, you choose an RGB or CMYK profile for the input, which enables the input value to be transformed into Lab. You then pick a profile that matches your display device, which will give you an accurate preview of the output colour based on the values you set on the sliders. Finally, you pick the profile of the output device, which will enable the input value to be translated from Lab into the output device's colour space.
HP Linux Inkjet Driver Project 1782x
The HP Linux Inkjet Driver Project is a addon to GNU Ghostscript that provides basic printing support for more than 40 Deskjet printer models.
lpy 1696x
A printing tool with a GUI interface that was designed to support multi-function printer features such as duplex, n-up, staplers, and booklets.
Mapagi[..]licant/mapagi 1630x
Mapagi is a pagination utility that prints your images/comics in 'in folio' format. To produce a book printed in folio format, the sheet of paper is folded once, producing 2 leaves. Each leaf has 2 sides, the recto (front) and the verso (back). Page size format is "Tankobon", probably well known to anime/manga fans.
pnm2ppa[..]ects/pnm2ppa/ 1620x
pnm2ppa is a reverse-engineered driver for HP's discontinued line of "Windows-only" PPA ("Printer Performance Architecture") DeskJet printers.
Printer Port Forwarder 1515x
ppf is a simple solution for sharing USB or LPT printers across the network using Network Printing Protocol (JetDirect/AppSocket protocols). It is a TCP daemon that listens on TCP/9100 and forwards all data which comes to it to the physical printer port.
Printerspy[..]pok/download/ 1513x
Printerspy is a tool to monitor SNMP-capable printers. It displays the contents of the printer's console display, alerts you if the printer jams or goes offline, and graphically displays the amounts of paper in input trays.
sii_printpbm[..]/sii_printpbm 1506x
sii_printpbm allows you to print PBM files to the Seiko Instruments thermal label printer (SII SLP1100).
Montage FR-1 slide printer driver 1475x
The Montage FR-1 slide printer driver allows you to use a Lasergraphics Montage FR-1 slide printer attached to your Linux box via the generic SCSI interface.
pr3287 1459x
pr3287 is an emulator for an IBM 3287 printer, running over a telnet session. It supports TN3270E and the older RFCs.
AFPL Ghostscript 1443x
Ghostscript is a processor for PostScript and PDF files. It can rasterize these files to a wide variety of printers, devices for screen preview, and image file formats. Since applications tend to prepare pages for printing in a high-level format such as PostScript, most Unix users with low-level bitmap printers, such as inkjets, use GhostScript as part of the printing process.
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