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frottle 2272x
Frottle (Freenet throttle) is a project to control traffic on wireless networks.
802.11b Network Discovery Tools[..]avelan-tools/ 2136x
802.11b Network Discovery Tools is a gtk tool to scan for 802.11b networks using wavelan/aironet hardware and Linux wireless extensions. It includes the ability to log coordinates of found networks from a GPS device that is NMEA-compatible, and can be linked to a serial port.
grunka 1865x
grunka is a tiny app monitoring the wavelan signal strength, suitable for inclusion in the screen hard statusline.
WiFi Statistics Daemon[..]rojects/wifi/ 1722x
wifistatd is a script which generates a PNG graphing signal/noise/link levels on a selected wireless interface.
MWavelan[..]mwavelan.html 1629x
MWavelan is a kernel network device driver for the WaveLAN/IEEE wireless network card, which supports signal strength reading from all the access points in range, plus some more features.
waproamd[..]cts/waproamd/ 1568x
waproamd is a Linux WLAN roaming daemon for IEEE 802.11b cards supported by a driver with the wireless extension API.
Qolyester 1565x
Qolyester is a C++ implementation of the OLSR protocol for mobile wireless ad hoc networks.
HermesAP[..]hermesap.html 1559x
HermesAP is a package containing Orinoco driver patches and tertiary firmware extraction/upload utilities to switch Hermes/Airport WaveLAN cards to BSS master (AccessPoint) mode under Linux.
wmap 1529x
wmap is a tool for creating log files about the reachability of wireless access points with signal strengh and GPS coordinates.
WiFiAdmin 1410x
WiFiAdmin is an environment for the administration of Linux WiFi hotspots. It acts as an advanced Web interface to any wireless tools-enabled wireless driver, like HOSTAP.
Radio Shortest Path First 1256x
Radio Shortest Path First (RSPF) is a routing protocol for wireless networks. This particular implementation is written for Linux and conforms to version 2.2 of the protocol specification.
MAPI[..]api/mapi.html 1154x
MAPI is a general API for interfacing with any wireless device driver that support wireless extensions.
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