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rico_RADIO 3222x
This is litte app for X under linux to listen to the radio.
3dfx TV Out Tool[..]/3dfx_tvtool/ 2774x
The 3dfx TV Out Tool tries to be the well-known 'TV Tool' for the 3dfx VooDoo3 cards. It might work on other cards based on the bt869 chip, since it uses the bt869 lm_sensors module.
Kalva 2753x
Kalva is A Lightweight Videorecorder Application and written with a C(++). It provides a simple to use videorecorder using MEncoder to do the real work. You can schedule movies or serials. Kalva can import channellists from e.g. xawtv or xawtv4 and generate a knew one using scantv. You can edit and store that list. Kalva has a DCOP interface. This is meant as a convinient way to support recording for external apps like xmltv browsers (f.i. KTvSchedule). If You want to use the DCOP interface You can push Kalva into KDE's systemtray (works just like with JuK or amaroK).
Aver FunTV Lite Linux Driver[..]load2658.html 1970x
Aver FunTV Lite Linux Driver is a driver for an ISA TV tuner card.
XdTV 1947x
XdTV is a software that allows you to watch TV. It interacts with AleVT for Teletext and Nxtvepg for NextView. It uses the video4linux API. It can use deinterlacing filters and record video files with the ffmpeg, xvid, and divx codecs.
GLTV[..]document=gltv 1943x
GLTV is yet another television viewing application. It has on screen menu and is easy to extend.
QtRadio[..]_name=qtradio 1850x
Listen to the radio with QtRadio! It works with v4l and also with v4l2
VTQLserver 1812x
The VTQLserver package contains a server and clients for videotext access for Linux. The server stores the pages of several TV-stations for parallel reading and searching.
Gtuner 1711x
Gtuner is a gtk/gnome based radio card tuner that has support for numerous different radio cards as well as the kernel drivers.
tunerd 1707x
tunerd is an FM radio tuner daemon and command line control program.
kderadio[..]html#kderadio 1630x
Controls a Video4Linux-compatible radio card.
MediaMenu[..]onatan/mm.php 1587x
Media Menu is a media browser and media player frontend written for TV-out use.
RivaTV 1568x
TV input Linux driver.
Tunapie[..]ects/tunapie/ 1557x
TunaPie is a directory browser for internet radio and TV streams. At present, it uses the shoutcast server, but compatibility with other services is planned. Tunapie allows you to search for streams and then launch your audio player (xmms) or NSV viewer (mplayer) of choice.
settevion[..]re/index.html 1532x
This program allows you to edit the channels in your Skymaster DXL 9400 Satellite Receiver.
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