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nefu[..]oftware/nefu/ 3436x
nefu (network fidelity utility) is a Unix daemon that monitors services over the network. Natively-monitored protocols include ICMP echo (ping), SSH, IPP, DNS, HTTP, POP, NTP, IMAP, SMTP, and LDAP, as well as having facilities to execute external programs. Status pages are available via finger or the Web.
lifstat[..]frank/lifstat 2920x
lifstat is a small Linux utility that reads /proc/net/dev and reports input and output statistics for available network interfaces over a repeating time interval, similar to the BSD 'netstat -i' command.
iStumbler 86 2482x
iStumbler is a small utility for finding local wireless networks and services.
WaveLAN Monitor[..]avelan-tools/ 2380x
WaveLAN Monitor allows you to show connected clients on WaveLAN WavePoint device and shows you signal/noise levels and statistics of lost IP packets for each connected client.
Network Probe 2191x
Network Probe is a network monitor and protocol analyzer that gives you an instant picture of the traffic situation on your network and enables you to identify and isolate traffic problems. Traffic statistics are graphically displayed in real-time.
TCP Re-engineering Tool 2180x
TCP Re-engineering Tool monitors and analyzes data transmitted between a client and a server via a TCP connection. It focuses on the data stream (software layer), not on the lower level transmission protocol (as packet sniffers do).
KNetfilter 2136x
Knetfilter is a KDE application designed to manage the netfilter functionalities that come with the kernels 2.4 and later. In Princip, all standard firewall system administration activities can be done just using knetfilter. But there is not just a GUI to iptables comand line, it is possible also some monitoring with tcpdump and nmap (nmap is slow) interfaces.
ggsniff 2042x
ggsniff is a sniffer that allows you to record Gadu-Gadu messages. It is not currently a standalone application. Rather, it is a patch for dsniff that adds the ability to record Gadu-Gadu messages to msgsnarf.
AutoScan 1991x
AutoScan is a GNOME application designed to explore and to manage your network. Entire subnets can be scanned simultaneously without human intervention. It features OS detection, automatic network discovery, a port scanner, and the ability to save the network state.
Logtail[..]ools/logtail/ 1898x
Perl utility which allows a system administrator to watch, in real time, items added to any number of log files on any number of hosts on a network.
ifmonitor 1664x
ifmonitor is a simple network interface traffic logger and grapher for Linux. The collector daemon logs network traffic totals to MySQL every minute. It doesn't use SNMP. You can see the consumed bandwidth graph (drawn in real time) in a PHP Web frontend. It's very light and simple to install.
pktstat[..]ware/pktstat/ 1645x
pktstat listens to the network and shows the bandwidth being consumed by packets of various kinds in realtime.
netwox[..]/netw/netwox/ 1588x
Toolbox netwox helps to find and solve network problems. It provides more than 150 tools: - clients and servers - DNS, FTP, HTTP, NNTP, SMTP, TELNET protocols - ping, scan, traceroute - sniffing and spoofing tools
ZorbIPtraffic 1563x
ZorbIPtraffic shows the IP traffic on a network interface in real time. It can display traffic statistics for each IP on your internal network, and it summarizes the total traffic for each IP per year, per month, and per day. All information is stored in a MySQL database, which makes it easy to search the traffic measurements for a specific day. ZorbIPtraffic only works if you use iptables.
Ethernet Traffic Counter[..]ts/trafcount/ 1492x
Ethernet Traffic Counter is a loadable kernel module that provides you the option to measure the total amount of bandwidth consumed by each of your users.
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