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tkspeedtouch[..]oad-1837.html 2261x
tkspeedtouch is a simple and clean GUI for setting up Alcatel SpeedTouch modems. It uses appropriate drivers (developed by coders and Alcatel microcode.
Gnokii-smstools[..]ls-0.4.tar.gz 2131x
Gnokii-smstools provides a way to spool short messages (SMS) using a Nokia cellphone.
gscmxx 2095x
gscmxx allows you to access your Siemens cell phone from your (Linux) desktop.
python-gammu[..]gammu/python/ 1857x
python-gammu is a set of Python bindings for Gammu, the GSM mobile manager for various cellular phones.
My Ericsson[..]i/Myericsson/ 1787x
My Ericsson is an administration tool for the Ericsson T39m mobile phone.
Nokia Logo Converter for Linux[..]cts/main.html 1787x
The Nokia Logo Converter for Linux is a program that is capable of converting most Nokia Logo Files (*.nlm, *.nol) into Bitmap and vice-versa, allowing you this way to use any Bitmap (other graphic formats also supported) you drew or copied from somewhere as a logo for your Nokia Mobile Phone or to browse your collection of Nokia Logo files. It handles both formats of Logos (Operator and Picture SMS) and has an integrated file browser showing you every Logo or Bitmap in a directory while you scroll in the file box. It features a batch convert mode, so you can convert several files at once. It also offers standard file managing functions so you can manage your logos on your hard disk.
sms[..]tery/sms.html 1717x
sms is little program used to send SMS message under terminal to polish operators GSM.
Sagem Bootstrap Loader 1716x
The Sagem Bootstrap Loader can be used to enter the bootstrap mode on Sagem GSM mobile phones and programs on their internal CPU.
KSiemens[..]cts/ksiemens/ 1667x
KSiemens is a small KDE2 application that manages features of the Siemens S25/S35 series of mobile phones.
BitPim 1618x
BitPim is a program that allows you to view and manipulate data on the LG VX4400/VX6000 and many Sanyo Sprint cell phones.
kobex 1618x
The kobex is a utility for sending and receiving files over the infrared device to obex enabled devices, such as cell phones, pdas, laptops.
PlaySMS 1575x
PlaySMS is a full-featured SMS gateway application that features sending of single or broadcast SMS messages, the ability to receive and forward SMSes, an SMS polling system, and SMS commands for saving/retrieving information to/from a server and executing server side shell scripts.
mailinsms 1533x
mailinsms is an e-mail to SMS formatter and SMS sending utility.
Leif 1526x
Leif is a KDE tool for the Sony Ericsson T68/T68i/T610 mobile phone. It supports phonebook editing, SMS management, and file uploading.
HotSwap 1513x
Hotswap is a utility to register and deregister hotswappable IDE hardware.
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12. BASH History Suggest Box
Download: 5834x
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