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OpenLDAP Software 3050x
OpenLDAP Software includes: * stand-alone LDAP server (slapd), * stand-alone LDAP replication server (slurpd), * Software Development Kit (ldap), * utilities, tools, and sample clients, * contributed packages.
PS-HTTPD[..]bian/pshttpd/ 2948x
PS-HTTPD is a HTTP-server written in Postscript. It is very simple (even if the code is somewhat complex) but can handle the basic tasks of a web-server.
Samba 2811x
Pycota[..]_Presentation 2730x
PyKota is a complete GPLed Print Quota and Accounting Software Solution for the Common UNIX Printing System (aka CUPS) and LPR Next Generation (aka LPRng) on GNU/Linux and Unix-like operating systems, which offers a great flexibility with regard to the page accounting methods it supports. By default it works by directly querying the printers for the number of pages they have printed, but you can easily plug your own page accounting methods if you prefer.
anubis[..]tware/anubis/ 2722x
GNU Anubis is an outgoing mail processor. It goes between the MUA (Mail User Agent) and the MTA (Mail Transport Agent), and can perform on the fly various sorts of processing and conversion on the outgoing mail in accord with the sender's specified rules, based on a highly configurable regular expressions system. It operates as a proxy server, independently from mail user agents. GNU Anubis can edit outgoing mail headers, encrypt and/or sign mail with the GNU Privacy Guard, build secure SMTP tunnels (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) using the TLS/SSL encryption even if your mail user agent doesn't support it, or tunnel a connection through a SOCKS proxy. Moreover, GNU Anubis supports the remailers (it allows sending mail in an anonymous way).
Sendmail Relay Daemon 2704x
The sendmail relay daemon updates the sendmail access.db files when user connects to a client. This allows clients with dynamic IPs to use the mailserver.
Xorg[..]Software/xorg 2461x
Xorg provides a client/server interface between display hardware (the mouse, keyboard, and video displays) and the desktop environment while also providing both the windowing infrastructure and a standardized application interface (API). XFree86 is platform-independent, network-transparent and extensible. The XOrg Foundation, has changed to an Open Source model to maintain the official Public Implementation of X11 server because XFree86 adopted a new licensing scheme incompatible with the GPL.
Privoxy 2453x
Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy.
Roxen Web Server[..]ts/webserver/ 2192x
Roxen WebServer is a full-featured open-source web server distributed under the GPL license. It runs on a number of different operating systems including Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X.
JunkBuster 2066x
JunkBuster is proxy server.
Allegro FTPd 2044x
Allegro FTPd is an FTP server for Linux/Solaris written in Allegro Common Lisp. Because it is written in Common Lisp, one class of security issues, related to buffer overflows, has been eliminated.
Anonftpd[..]msg00345.html 2037x
anonftpd is a fast, read-only, anonymous FTP server
Sarg 1903x
Squid Analysis Report Generator is a tool that allow you to view "where" your users are going to on the Internet.
Courier Mail Server 1805x
The Courier mail transfer agent (MTA) is an integrated mail/groupware server based on open commodity protocols, such as ESMTP, IMAP, POP3, LDAP, SSL, and HTTP. Courier provides ESMTP, IMAP, POP3, webmail, and mailing list services within a single, consistent, framework. Individual components can be enabled or disabled at will. Courier now implements basic web-based calendaring and scheduling services integrated in the webmail module. Advanced groupware calendaring services will follow soon.
Pop 3 scan 1797x
Pop 3 scan is a full transparent proxy server for POP3 clients. It runs on a Linux box with iptables (for port redirection).
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