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ds3 2810x
ds3, short for dialup service 3, is a modem sharing server for Linux/UNIX. It allows no direct access to the modem/ISDN-adapter. Instead it provides a text based interface which can be accessed via telnet or by a client.
gppp-wvdial 2080x
Gppp is a GNOME PPP dialer that aims mainly at being easy to use. It features autodetection of your modem, ISP setup, DNS setup, and a nifty applet in the taskbar.
Gnome PPP Over Ethernet Monitor[..]oads.php?id=1 1862x
Gnome PPP Over Ethernet Monitor is a traffic monitor for Internet connections over PPP/ethernet interfaces.
PPPKit[..]pppkit/home/1 1783x
pppkit is a Perl script that generates PPP scripts. It has been tested on RedHat Linux and Slackware Linux.
ppp 1735x
PPP Daemon. This allows Unix machines to connect to the Internet through dialup lines, using the PPP protocol, as a PPP server or client.
Tcl/Tk PPP Interface Control Panel[..]krp3/releases 1727x
Tkrp3 is a re-implementation of the Rp3 program supplied as part of the redhat-config-network. It uses the standard X11 resource DB.
bbppp[..]e.phtml#bbppp 1716x
Bbppp is a minimalist PPP dialer designed for use with the Blackbox window manager.
X-ISP 1693x
X-ISP is an user-friendly interface to pppd/chat.
pppctl[..]s/pppctl.html 1646x
pppctl is a suite of simple programs of use for controlling a ppp connection.
PPP Keepalive 1626x
PPP Keepalive is a perl script intended to maintain a persistent dialup connection. When the script redials it can then send an email containing your dynamic IP address to an email account or ftp the address to a server. This way you can obtain the current IP address for your box remotely.
vii-ppp-scripts[..]/ppp-scripts/ 1573x
The vii-ppp-scripts are yet another set of ppp scripts. They feature handling multiple ISPs, autosetting DNS from ISP, ability to have a different resolv.conf for each connection, phone billing and chatscripts.
Gnome-Dial 1553x
Gnome-Dial is a user-friendly PPP dialer for GNOME 2.
WM PPTP daemon 1550x
The wmpptpd is a Linux PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol) server. Comparing to the existing PPTP client and server, it handles multiple connections and clients, implements window protocol, etc.
online.php 1524x
online.php analyses /var/log/ppp-usage and displays how many connections you had, how much time you spent online, and what amount of data you sent and received.
gpppkill[..]ver/gpppkill/ 1500x
gpppkill is a program that ends a ppp connection if it doesn't receive a minimal amount of bytes during certain time.
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