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ds3 2608x
ds3, short for dialup service 3, is a modem sharing server for Linux/UNIX. It allows no direct access to the modem/ISDN-adapter. Instead it provides a text based interface which can be accessed via telnet or by a client.
gppp-wvdial 2014x
Gppp is a GNOME PPP dialer that aims mainly at being easy to use. It features autodetection of your modem, ISP setup, DNS setup, and a nifty applet in the taskbar.
Gnome PPP Over Ethernet Monitor[..]oads.php?id=1 1782x
Gnome PPP Over Ethernet Monitor is a traffic monitor for Internet connections over PPP/ethernet interfaces.
ppp 1685x
PPP Daemon. This allows Unix machines to connect to the Internet through dialup lines, using the PPP protocol, as a PPP server or client.
PPPKit[..]pppkit/home/1 1666x
pppkit is a Perl script that generates PPP scripts. It has been tested on RedHat Linux and Slackware Linux.
Tcl/Tk PPP Interface Control Panel[..]krp3/releases 1646x
Tkrp3 is a re-implementation of the Rp3 program supplied as part of the redhat-config-network. It uses the standard X11 resource DB.
X-ISP 1646x
X-ISP is an user-friendly interface to pppd/chat.
bbppp[..]e.phtml#bbppp 1635x
Bbppp is a minimalist PPP dialer designed for use with the Blackbox window manager.
pppctl[..]s/pppctl.html 1560x
pppctl is a suite of simple programs of use for controlling a ppp connection.
PPP Keepalive 1524x
PPP Keepalive is a perl script intended to maintain a persistent dialup connection. When the script redials it can then send an email containing your dynamic IP address to an email account or ftp the address to a server. This way you can obtain the current IP address for your box remotely.
vii-ppp-scripts[..]/ppp-scripts/ 1474x
The vii-ppp-scripts are yet another set of ppp scripts. They feature handling multiple ISPs, autosetting DNS from ISP, ability to have a different resolv.conf for each connection, phone billing and chatscripts.
Gnome-Dial 1435x
Gnome-Dial is a user-friendly PPP dialer for GNOME 2.
WM PPTP daemon 1435x
The wmpptpd is a Linux PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol) server. Comparing to the existing PPTP client and server, it handles multiple connections and clients, implements window protocol, etc.
online.php 1432x
online.php analyses /var/log/ppp-usage and displays how many connections you had, how much time you spent online, and what amount of data you sent and received.
gpppkill[..]ver/gpppkill/ 1418x
gpppkill is a program that ends a ppp connection if it doesn't receive a minimal amount of bytes during certain time.
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