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Kover 3030x
Kover is an easy to use WYSIWYG CD cover printer with CDDB support.
mp3rlburn[..]de/mp3rlburn/ 2774x
mp3rlburn is a small tool for burning audio cd´s from mp3s with cdrdao. It is able to set the CDTEXT from the ID3 Tags of the mp3s.
burn_baby_burn (BBB)[..]bb/index.html 2629x
Burn_baby_burn makes it easier to author various types of CDs from the command line.
CD Builder[..]/cdb/cdb.html 2135x
CD builder is a CD cue sheet and subcode generating tool for Linux/UNIX. It can generate DAO cue sheets. Eventually, this will include the more obscure CD modes including CD-G, CD-TEXT, etc. It is based on GTK.
tocgen[..]6/tocgen.html 1969x
Tocgen is a versatile command-line cdrdao toc file generator. It is particularly good for transferring tapes/LPs to CD.
FireBurner 1783x
FireBurner (FB) is a compact yet full-featured CD-R/W burning software package used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.
Burn 1695x
Burn! is a perl script that quickly and easily burns standard m3u playlists to CD-R. It is integrated with KDE so that when you right-click on a .m3u file, you can instantly burn it with one click. It is developed with a "It must work" philosophy.
Arson 1638x
Arson is a KDE frontend to various CD burning, and ripping tools. It was originally begun to burn audio CDs because i could find no other frontends which used cdrdao (in disk at once mode), which could decode various encoded audio formats (mp3, ogg), and displayed accurate track length as the playlist was created. But as usual once the initial plans were implemented I just kept going... Arson has expanded to be a CD ripper (with many output formats), a VCD/Music/Data burner, a CD copier, a device unlocker, and a CDRW blanker. And that's in the current version! Click the "Features" link to see a complete list of current and planned features.
packet-cd[..]ts/packet-cd/ 1630x
CD-R/W discs can be written with a technique called packet or incremental writing. This allows transparent and buffer-underrun-free recording for CD recorders that support this method. No more mastering of .iso images; just mount your CD-ROM read/write and copy files directly to it.
freeburn 1604x
FreeBurn is the free, open-source disc writing application that aims to provide a simple yet powerful interface that brings together the features and power of several other disc creation programs. FreeBurn is a front-end to several powerful disc burning utilities, such as cdrecord and cdrdao.
geteltorito[..]/geteltorito/ 1599x
Geteltorito extracts the initial/default boot image from a CD if it exists.
burncenter[..]rncenter.html 1584x
'burncenter' is a very easy-to-use text-based interface to the standard CD-burning tools for UNIX (cdrecord, cdda2wav, and mkisofs). It features an easy-to-use text interface, multi-session support, audio CD support, and CDRW support with fast and complete blanking.
MC-Burn[..]e/mcburn.html 1567x
MC-Burn is a Midnight Commander extension to mkisofs and cdrecord. It makes it possible to write a CD from the menu of Midnight Commander.
SimpleCDR 1542x
SimpleCDR is a console-based front-end for Blade Encode, LAME, OGG Encode, CDparanoia, cdda2wav, cdrecord, and CDRDAO.
KIso 1506x
KIso is a fronted for KDE to make it as easy as possible to create manipulate and extract CD Image files.
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