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CamPop[..]eb/?go=campop 1727x
The CamPop system tries to make the life of usb digicam owner easier. It is composed of a deamon that watches the /proc/bus/usb/devices file to detect when the camera is plugged, and a small GUI built upon gphoto2, which is launched when a camera is found.
Photorec[..]photorec.html 1720x
PhotoRec is a small tool to recover pictures from digital camera memory. It searches for JPEG and MOV headers, and because there is (usually) no data fragmentation, it can recover the whole file.
MetaCam[..]/metacam.html 1641x
MetaCam is a utility to read and decode meta-information from digtial camera images with Exif information. It was specifically written to read images from a Nikon D1, but supports other cameras too.
numfilt 1619x
numfilt helps you process sets of digital camera photos (filenames with numbers). You can select ranges of numbers and define the output format.
gblnk[..]blnk/current/ 1618x
gblnk lets you use a MadCatz cable to download bitmaps from the Gameboy camera onto your PC and view them / save them in bitmap format.
kdcpi[..]oducts/kdcpi/ 1612x
kdcpi is a perl program written to control Kodak Digital Cameras. The stable version supports DC210/DC200 and is command line based.
Digicam[..]inux/timecop/ 1595x
Digicam is a simple and easy-to-use command-line utility to take, retrieve, and delete pictures from a Kodak DC21x camera.[..]l-34384.shtml 1514x uses the Perl Image::Info module to convert various digital camera images to the YYYYMMDD-NNN.jpg naming format. It works in batch or interactive mode.
rdc2e[..]/linux/rdc2e/ 1068x
rdc2e is a command line tool that downloads images from a Ricoh RDC-2E digital camera.
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