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Quick Lounge Applet 4683x
The Quick Lounge applet is an applet for the GNOME Panel. With this applet you can organize your preferred applications in a single place. You can add spaces between applications, they can be used to group together applications with similar tasks.
Sonicmail 4511x
Sonicmail is a simple GNOME applet which acts as a POP email notifer. It will notify you when you receive new emails on a POP3 server by displaying a selectable icon in the applet window and by optionally playing a selectable sound.
gmemo 3740x
an applet which reminds you of birthdays, feasts (with first name, Mother's day, etc.), or any other event. It is customizable (name, type, date & time, repeat mode, multi-alarm mode, etc.)
WMNUT[..]ojects/wmnut/ 3611x
WMNUT is a program to monitor UPS statistics through the NUT (Network UPS Tools) framework on Linux and other systems.
cpufreqd 3296x
cpufreqd is meant to be a replacement of the speedstep applet you can find on some other OS, it monitors battery level, AC state and running programs and adjusts the frequency of the processor according to a set of rules specified in the config file (see cpufreqd.conf (5)).
pclock[..]-pc-lock.html 3096x
pclock is an analog clock which allows you to choose your own 64x64 pixmap for the clock face.
GMailWatch[..]n/gmailwatch/ 2970x
GMailWatch is a GNOME Panel Applet that displays a summary of incoming mail (sender/subject) rather than just an icon. It's similar to the old xmailwatcher utility (and uses some of the same code), and is also based upon mailcheck (of gnome-core). The user can change the size of the panel applet.
gWlan[..]lan/index.php 2849x
gWlan is a Gnome 2 applet monitoring the signal strength of a wireless connection. You can configure it through a properties window which allow to specify which network interface the applet has to monitor and how often should the applet refresh itself.
mount[..]cts/mountapp/ 2501x
This app allows you to mount/unmount/view filesystems that are in your /etc/fstab. Can also launch an application at that point.
Liquid Weather ++ 2422x
Liquid Weather ++ is a superkaramba theme and desktop applet for displaying weather information and forecasts. You need superkaramba and the KDE desktop. It displays weather information in a compact and easy to read format.
All in One[..]x_allin1.html 2312x
Little dock applet that monitors CPU, mem, swap, battery/power, PPP, Ethernet, filesystem. Color configurable
ASMixer[..]mystuff.shtml 2175x
ASMixer allows you to control Speaker, CD, and PCM volumes. Originally written for AfterStep, with Window Maker support added in at version 0.5
VPN 2147x
A Cisco vpnclient frontend applet
Karamba[..]98hk/karamba/ 1844x
Karamba is a KDE program that can display a lot of various information right on your desktop.
wmacpiload[..]le.php/id/168 1799x
An app for monitoring CPU temp and battery time from ACPI.
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