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pport[..]ojects/pport/ 4167x
PPort is a simple yet handy program for accessing the output pins of a parallel port. Using this bundle, one can successfully control any household appliance or electronic device with minimal hassle and practically no changes.
glitter[..]meul/glitter/ 3822x
A text-mode interface to the RPM package management tool.
rpm-get[..]lien/rpm-get/ 3683x
A simple clone of apt-get for rpm
Thinkpad Scroll Daemon[..]hs/tp-scroll/ 3682x
tp-scroll allows the use of the middle mouse button on a Trackpoint keyboard for scrolling up and down in applications that support the use of the wheel on an Intellimouse.
open-carpet 3254x
Open Carpet allows you to set up software repositories for making software avaialble to users running the Red Carpet Daemon software management tool (version 2.0 and newer). This module contains scripts and sample configuration files for easily setting up Red Carpet servers.
LILO[..]rojects/lilo/ 3041x
ILO is a Boot loader for Linux/x86 and other PC operating systems. It is responsible for loading your Linux kernel from either a floppy or a hard drive and passing control to it. It is capable of booting beyond cylinder 1024 of a hard disk if the BIOS supports EDD packet call extensions to the int 0x13 interface. LILO can also be used to boot many other operating systems, including DOS, Windows (all versions), OS/2, and the BSD variants. The LILO distribution includes full source, documentation and support files.
Automated Password Generator 2987x
Automated Password Generator is a set of tools for generating random passwords.
gpsdrive 2831x
Displays your GPS position on a zoomable map.
BIOS Writer[..]s/bioswriter/ 2694x
BIOS Writer allows you to copy the settings of your PC's BIOS to a small image file.
cabextract[..]abextract.php 2674x
cabextract is Free Software for extracting Microsoft cabinet files, also called .CAB files, on UNIX or UNIX-like systems.
bestfit[..]/bestfit.html 2522x
Bestfit is a small program to determine which files that should be put on a CD (or other media), so that as little space as possible is wasted. It is very easy to use: you specify files on the command line, and bestfit prints the names of those that were selected. Alternatively, bestfit can execute a command for each selected file (eg. to move them to a different directory).
Qpopper-mysql[..]ware/#qpopper 2508x
Qpopper-mysql is a patch to Qualcomm's qpopper POP3 daemon to enable it to do user authentication via a MySQL database,
autopack[..]jet/autopack/ 2463x
A tool to automatically build RPMs with automake.
gtboot[..]projects.html 2424x
Simple program for changing how Linux starts. (in text-console or graphical-xserver at boot time)
MD5 2347x
Command-line utility which computes and checks message digests (digital signatures) generated by the MD5 algorithm as defined by RFC 1321.
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3. PCLinuxOS-2010
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5. Onebase Linux
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6. Novell Linux Desktop
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7. KateOS
Download: 3827x

1. VFU File Manager
Download: 1421x
2. LeftHand Mała Księgowość
Download: 4993x
3. MISU pyFotoResize
Download: 734x
4. Lefthand CRM
Download: 1667x
5. MetadataExtractor
Download: 0x
6. RCP100
Download: 1147x
7. Predaj softveru
Download: 0x
8. MSH Free Autoresponder
Download: 0x
9. Guitar Scale Expert
Download: 1215x
10. Jinja24Doc
Download: 0x
11. Čistič
Download: 1293x
12. BASH History Suggest Box
Download: 5448x
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