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KFormDesigner 2775x
KFormDesigner is meant to be Qt Designer replacement for KDE, and to be a simple form designer for non-developers inside Kexi. It provides almost all Qt Designer features (except code entering) and uses Qt Designer UI file format. It is not a fork of Qt Designer. It is an fully original work with no code taken from Qt Designer.
Crusader 2568x
Code Crusader is a graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to smoothly integrate the tasks of working with source files, compiling, and debugging, in short everything involved in developing code.
KScope 2382x
KScope is a KDE front-end to Cscope. It provides a source-editing environment for large C projects, such as the Linux kernel.
Squeak 2333x
Squeak is an open, highly-portable Smalltalk-80 implementation whose virtual machine is written entirely in Smalltalk, making it easy to debug, analyze, and change. The image above was created in Squeak, and illustrates several of Squeak's abilities, including the ability to scale and rotate bitmap images at any colour depth, anti-aliased TrueType fonts and vector graphics. Squeak has many more features...
Treebeard/Fangorn 2257x
Treebeard is an XSLT IDE that allows you to load an XML file and an XSLT file (from the Web or from the local file system), edit either file, and then perform transformations.
Butterfly XML Editor and IDE 1936x
The Butterfly XML Editor and IDE is an XML editing environment built on top of a real-time incremental XML parsing algorithm. It features syntax and error highlighting, incremental validation, intelligent code completion (based on XML Schema, DTD, or document analysis), XSLT Debugging, XSLT pipelines, Docbook Rendering, XSL:FO Rendering, and side-by-side DOM and source viewing. Built-in support for Docbook, XSL:FO, XHTML, XSL, Xforms, XML Schemas, XSP, and Cocoon sitemaps is included. Support for other XML types can also easily be added. It is capable of parsing documents that are not well-formed, and shows the source of the errors, allowing for the easy conversion of HTML to well-formed XML. XSLT pipelines simplify the process of building up and visualizing complex transformations.
avrLab 1681x
avrLab is an complete IDE for the AVR microcontroller chips from Atmel. It offers an editor with syntax highlighting which has standard editor commands like copy, cut, paste, goto line, search, and replace. Additionally, it includes support for tavrasm (a compiler for the AVR assembly language), uisp (used for the communication to the AVR), and much more.
Visual Paradigm for UML (Community Edition)[..]fovpumlce.php 1648x
Visual Paradigm for UML is a powerful, easy-to-use UML modelling and CASE tool. It lets you draw all types of UML diagrams, reverse source code to UML models, generate source code from UML diagrams, and much more. It features the latest UML support (use case diagrams, class diagrams, component diagrams, etc.), incremental round-trip engineering, instant reverse for Java, C++, Dot NET exe/dll, XML, XML Schema, and CORBA IDL, Rational Rose support, Microsoft Visio integration, and report and HTML/PDF documentation generators.
Tcl/Tk Project Manager 1621x
Tcl/Tk Project Manager is a full IDE for programming in Tcl/Tk. It includes a project and file manager, a source editor with syntax highlighting and procedure navigation, a context-sensitive help system, and much more.
Placebo 1616x
Placebo is a framework for developing Web-based applications in the PHP scripting language.
zprof 1562x
A basic block profiler for ANSI C programs which produces a count of the number of times each basic block is executed. It's behavior is similar to that produced by the gcc -a command.
eric3[..]ev/eric3.html 1546x
eric3 is a full featured Python IDE that is written in PyQt using the QScintilla editor widget.
TAU[..]tau/main.html 1525x
TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities) is a set of tools for analyzing the performance of C, C++, Fortran and Java programs. It collects much more information than is available through prof or gprof, the standard Unix utilities, including per-process, per-thread, and per-host information, inclusive and exclusive function times, profiling groups that allow you to organize data collection, access to hardware counters on some systems, per-class and per-instance information, the ability to separate data for each template instantiation, start/stop timers for profiling arbitrary sections of code, and support for collection of statistics on user-defined events.
Drome Engine 1475x
Drome Engine is a 3D game engine written in C++ using OpenGL for graphics rendering.
ProjectCenter[..]ctCenter.html 1352x
ProjectCenter is the project manager for GNUstep. It aims to become a complete IDE, including support for CVS, debugging, and so on.
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6. Lefthand CRM
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11. Guitar Scale Expert
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