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Bluetooth remote-control 13035x
Bluetooth remote-control makes it possible to use your Bluetooth-capable cell phone as a mouse in X, which is useful for remote controling your computer.
GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem[..]ome-bluetooth 7668x
GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem have these features: Bonobo component to manage the discovery of nearby Bluetooth devices Component will create serial (RFCOMM) connections for clients to devices libbtcl, a GObject wrapper for Bluetooth functionality An OBEX server, so you can "beam" files such as pictures, addresses or contacts from other Bluetooth devices to your computer An OBEX push send tool, so you can beam files from your computer to remote devices. gnome-vfs plugin so Nautilus can navigate known Bluetooth devices, and send files to them via drag'n'drop.
ALSA Bluetooth Headset Driver[..]nd-bluez-sco/ 5608x
This is a preliminary driver for Bluetooth headsets.
Bluecmd[..]ects/bluecmd/ 4404x
Bluecmd executes a command based on whether a bluetooth device can be found or not. It can be used, for example, to (un)lock your computer with a bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. It can detect a trusted bluetooth device by either l2ping or HCI name resolution, so the device can be invisible.
GNOME BluePhone[..]ts/bluephone/ 3817x
BluePhone is a bluetooth mobile phone manager for the GNOME desktop.
bluexmms 3270x
Commanding xmms over bluetooth mobil Ericsson T68i.
bluelock[..]are/bluelock/ 2764x
Bluelock is a small bash-scipt. Bluelock is written to check if a bluetooth device (ie a mobile phone) of you is available, if it's not it will lock your computer. So the idea is that if you walk away from your computer and you forget often to lock it, this script will do. But on the other hand if you stay near your computer, it won't lock, because you are close to him.
BlueDrekar[..]h/bluedrekar/ 1092x
BlueDrekar is a reference implementation of and a set of interfaces for the Bluetooth protocol stack, which is a short-range wireless connectivity technology.
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