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glChess 16732x
Chess enviroment with nice OpenGL graphics for chess BFU, not very usefull for profesional chess player. Crafty and GNU Chess motor.
Cinag Chess Game 11107x
Cinag is a free 3D chess game. It lets you play against a quite strong A.I. with several levels. This game as many options to let everyone play.
Java-Chess 7063x
Java-Chess is a fully-featured chess program that uses using Java 1.2 (including Swing) and 64-bit computing where possible.
SCID 5073x
Chess database. Good chess players need not only strong chess program but also a good game database. It is SCID. You can analyse and find games, print statistics etc. SCID is a realy usefull program for chess profesional, not for typicle user that only wants to see nice board and animations.
Tiffanys 5059x
Tiffanys is a Java written chess engine for the XBoard/WinBoard client.
BlacKNight Chess[..]cknightchess/ 4800x
Chess game. It supports disconnected network play by means of emails or such. It supports also realtime network play through a TCP connection. Pluggable AI is under development.
Capa chess 4713x
Java chess game. JDK 1.4 or above required with built-in simple engine XBoard/WinBoard compatible, interface with external XBoard/WinBoard engines, basic plug-in capabilities, import/export.
Crafty 4191x
The strongest open source chess motor that runs on Linux. About only 150 elo weaker than top (comercial, MS Windows only) chess program. Crafty is distributed without enviroment, download for example XBoard.
GNU Chess[..]ss/chess.html 3718x
Well known chess motor. It does not have any usefull user enviroment, but has XBoard compatible protocol so you need any program like XBoard or SCID to use GNU Chess.
Gnome Chess[..]/gnome-chess/ 3570x
Chess enviroment for Gnome. Something like XBoard but has more bugs and is more user friendly.
xiangqi[..]ts/xiangqi++/ 3439x
xiangqi is a Chinese chess game. You can play network multiplayer games or play against the computer.
XBoard 3247x
Classic chess enviroment for XWindows. Typicle chess motor for Unix do not have user friendly enviroment, they use XBoard compatible protocol. XBoard is quite old program and does not have lot's of features, but is quite nice and (unlike some other) stable.
Knights 3199x
Chess enviroment for KDE. Like XBoard but more user friendly (but not so nice pictures), more features and much more bugs
Chess Training Tools 3164x
Chess Training Tools is a collection of chess training tools.
JunFa[..]angqi-engine/ 2834x
JunFa is a chinese chess engine compliant with the CXBoard v1 communication protocol. It is the first OSS bitboard-based Chinese Chess engine released to the public. Its methods of move generation and board representation make it fast and capable of evaluating multiple board states very quickly.
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