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Nokia Logo Editor[..]~lczajka/nle/ 14045x
Nokia Logo Editor allows you to edit nol and ngg files on a Nokia phone.
GnuBox 9806x
GnuBox allows you to access the Internet from your phone using your computer's Internet connection without paying any fees (like GPRS) to your operator, and at speeds up to 400 kbit/sec. It can connect to the PC using Bluetooth or the USB cradle.
lanoche[..]software.html 9472x
'lanoche' makes writing reports about Linux on different laptops a little easier. It generates a hardware report about laptop specific features in HTML. It is a small shell script, using programs like 'free', 'apm', and others to get hardware information. Currently no hardware libraries are used, but you may find a short survey of libraries and other hardware detection tools. The name LaNoChe is an acronym of "LAptop or NOtebook CHEck".
Gnome IrDA applet[..]ojects/girda/ 7908x
A GNOME IrDA applet for monitoring IrDA devices.
KSms[..]ms/index.html 6431x
KSms is a KDE 3 application for sending and archiving SMS messages using a GSM mobile phone.
JeruKey 5554x
JeruKey is a small and fast utility that lets you bind actions to the miscellaneous keys on your keyboard.
S-Jog 5375x
S-Jog is a program that uses the Sony Vaio laptops Jog Wheel to do various things: Launch applications, Adjust screen brightness, Adjust volume and Act like a mousewheel.
KPhone 3378x
KPhone is a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) user agent for Linux, with which you can initiate VoIP (Voice over IP) connections over the Internet. It supports Presence and Instant Messaging, and to some extent also video calls between two hosts.
Cellphone Unix Terminal 3166x
CUTs (Cellphone Unix Terminal) is a hack that basically enables you to use a normal cellphone as a Unix/Linux terminal from anywhere.
wapsh/htsh 3137x
Wapsh allows users to login to a Unix workstation using a WAP-capable mobile phone. Features include shortcuts (to save phone typing), input of control and other special characters, command history, and searching and scrolling through long shell output. Wapsh automatically adapts to the main WAP browsers (UP and Nokia), and uses configuration files to further tailor the system for specific phones. A corresponding HTML (Web) interface is also included.
ipap Audio Software Utility 2991x
ipap is a utility designed to implement most of the features of Intel's Audio Manager software for the Intel Personal Audio Player 3000.
Mobile Bookshelf 2984x
Mobile Bookshelf converts text file(s) to a MIDlet (a Java program that can be run on a mobile phone), making it possible to read your favourite books on your handset.
XMerlin[..]x.php#XMerlin 2934x
XMerlin is a simple character recognition engine for X11-based Web pads and such devices where a regular keyboard is not an option.
kMPIO 2753x
kMPIO provides a GUI interface to access Digitalway/Adtec digital audio player MPIO (DMG, DMK, DME, ...) players under Linux.
my handy restaurant[..]dyrestaurant/ 2613x
My Handy Restaurant is a software created to help restaurant waiters and managers in their job. Waiters can choose a restaurant table, assign orders to it and have them be automatically printed on printers. "Normal" dishes can also be modified, by adding or removing ingredients. Bills, invoices and receipts can be printed automatically, even for separated bills. The accounting section allows a restaurant manager to easily administrate the whole accounting (bank accounts, employees, suppliers, incomes) in an easy way. Stock management is also available, and items quantity is automatically updated while being ordered. The waiters' interface is handheld-sized and is written to be compatible with most handheld browsers (tested on pocketPC, PalmOS, Sharp Zaurus Linux).
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