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Rhythmbox is an integrated music management application, originally inspired by Apple's iTunes.
Rhythmbox has a number of features, including:
Easy to use music browser
Searching and sorting
Comprehensive audio format support through GStreamer
Internet Radio support
Adding date: 10.6.2004 16:21
GUI: yes
Terminal: yes
Licence: GPL
Home Page:
Developer company:
Alternativ SW in Windows: iTunes, Windows Media Player
SW instalation requirement:

Gnome 2.x
GStreamer or Xine
HW instalation requirement:

The same as recommended in your distribution to run in graphic mode + sound card
Rate: 100%
Link EN article:[..].php?sid=1477
Link CZ article:
Package Type Download Size in kB
MDK rpm[..]1mdk.i586.rpm 1201
rpm[..].dag.i386.rpm 1216
source[..]-0.8.4.tar.gz 2444
Added by: David Makovský


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