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oCADis is my attempt to make a working and adequate 2D CAD system for the Linux operation system. This project has been up and running since 1996 when I bought myself an Atari Falcon030. That version of oCADis was aimed for Atari computers but was never released for public. The year 1998 I decided to leave my Atari and bought a new PC instead. Later the same year I installed Linux and started to use it (and still do, of course). I also found GTK, the Gimp Toolkit Widget, that year. Since I missed a real CAD system for Linux I decided to try and translate my old CAD on the Atari using GTK. And, well, as they say, the rest is history... screenshot
Adding date: 30.7.2004 15:21
GUI: yes
Terminal: no
Licence: GPL
Home Page:
Creator: Jonas Jarvoll
Developer company:
Alternativ SW in Windows:
SW instalation requirement:

HW instalation requirement:

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source[..]040730.tar.gz 526
Added by: John Smith


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