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Kadu project was started in 2001 as a simple KDE API try-out. Eventually, it became the most popular Gadu-Gadu client for Linux and other Unices or MacOSX.
Kadu depends on Qt library version 3.x. Beginning with version 0.3.3 it does not require the KDE libraries and can be used with other window managers. Kadu supports Gnome and Window Maker as well. The heart of Kadu is the libgadu library (its role being handling the network layer).
Adding date: 16.7.2004 09:45
GUI: yes
Terminal: no
Licence: GPL
Home Page:
Creator: Kadu team
Developer company:
Alternativ SW in Windows: Gadu-Gadu
SW instalation requirement:

Window Manager
HW instalation requirement:

Rate: 100%
Link EN article:[..]about&lang=en
Package Type Download Size in kB
MDK rpm[..]2mdk.i586.rpm 945
rpm[..].fc2.i386.rpm 1061
deb[..]inary/debian/ 0
source[..]0.3.9.tar.bz2 921
tgz[..]i686-1tad.tgz 1037
Added by: John Smith

polecam 28.7.2004 22:51 Miłosz Sotomski
A może Gnu Gadu? 5.9.2004 12:42 Sebastian
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