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The SpamBouncer is a set of procmail recipes, or instructions, which search the headers and text of your incoming email to see if it meets one or more of the predefined conditions. The SpamBouncer sorts suspected spam into three categories -- email sent by a virus, email from known spam sources which is definitely spam, and email which is probably spam, but might also be legitimate. It then tags each email with appropriate headers for the spam classification, and responds according to the parameters you have set.
Adding date: 12.7.2004 11:04
GUI: no
Terminal: yes
Licence: GPL
Home Page:
Creator: Catherine A. Hampton
Developer company:
Alternativ SW in Windows: MS Outlook
SW instalation requirement:

HW instalation requirement:

Rate: not rated yet
Link EN article:[..]mbouncer.html
Link CZ article:[..]um/show/57680
Package Type Download Size in kB
source 311
Added by: David Vach


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